I love holidays! Yay :)

Disclaimer: This was written on Dec 18 and I thought published but for some reason not so a bit out of sync but anyway…

So, a delayed flight was definitely not a great way to kick-off the holiday. And we all know how much I dislike Air France or Charles de Gaulle so the lesser time in that airport was welcome but also worrisome with regards my luggage. But luggage was the least of the worries… it was so confusing as we couldn’t find a transfer desk and could thus not get to our gate or boarding passes, we re hungry and the French were just, well, SO French- they were helpful in a very unhelpful manner or unhelpful in a very helpful manner, I am not sure which- but either way I ended up with absolutely NO idea of what to do and managed to figure things out just barely in time to get on the flight!!

Anyhow, some 24 hours since we stepped out of the house, we were in Vietnam- and such a mad system they have for visas- there is no sense or understanding of timing, process or anything- they ask you for info online and then exactly the same again when you land and charge you twice and take forever- GO FIGURE!!!!

Most Vietnamese I have met have been exceptionally helpful but the ones in the airport- the visa was a pain and by the time we got out, our baggage carousel data had been removed and we couldn’t find our luggage and that took us a while as well…

But the start has had NO impact on the holiday/ trip so far- we had a lovely lunch with a potential business partner- tried local cuisine- lots of dishes and really enjoyed it before crashing for a couple of hours and doing the usual- Presidential Palace, Notre Dame, Saigon River, Ban Than Market, Choloon etc etc- none of them particularly stood out for me- the buildings are interesting but the 2 that stood out were the Opera House and the City Council! Ban Than Market was Janpath- and so many of the clothes were similar- to the extent I wonder if I should have bought the top I did but  since I liked it… heheh

After some lovely meals, interesting walks, and dodging many motorbikes on the road, I am pooped and knackered and excited about going to CuChi tunnels tomorrow. Yay, one’s gotta love holidays!


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