Life’s funny!

Yup, it is. And I say it often enough but tonight just really amused me…

I had booked into a hotel and realised it was the wrong branch and so cancelled the booking in the City Centre location and re-booked for the Old Quarter location (in Hanoi). Through the process, I was in touch with the hotel and was promised a premium twin room had been reserved for me…

And on the one day where we, absolutely wrecked and definitely in need of our own space, we needed our own beds- we have never shared a double and don’t really want to start doing so now- the hotel messed up! They had NO twin rooms available and since the room was tiny, we couldn’t exactly fit in another bed so we ended up back in the city centre hotel which in fairness, is MUCH nicer- bigger, more spacious- queen beds for both, and the bath and shower are something else…

And so as I said, life’s funny!



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2 responses to “Life’s funny!

  1. T Horson

    Hello there, Will you be writing a another write-up? The hubby and myself have set in some time exploring more than your web site and interestingly you discussed a little bit something we have been referring to only the other week with our neighbour. We quite often notice ourselves quarrelling over the littlest of things, is it not ridiculous?

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