Yup, it’s gonna rain

rain money in my life, that is!

Dunno why I felt like sharing this or why I feel this way but I do and so here it is!

It’s been an interesting week for me and here’s my top ones:

  • Been really nice to certain people I doubt I will really ever interact with- I mean 1 of them is nice but needy and insecure and I just think that’s ridiculous
  • Had a few awesome evenings with some amazing people- dinner out on Fri, brunch on Sat, dinner on Sun- all in all- some fantastic people- Candy and her beau, Dr. F and his lady
  • I celebrated 10 years of my parents relationship ending and my ex’s engagement with dignity and maintained my moral high ground. And on the note of relationships, even caught with The Chef but as suspected, I think it’s all over- nothing happened- we hung out as 2 mates.

All in all, a good weekend and this time next week, I will be in Vietnam- BRING IT ON! Yay for travels.



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  1. Bosal

    Hi this post is nice and good.

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