Motivation to Work

According to Seth Godin’s blog, there are 8 reasons to work… this remind me of the Hygiene Theory… I have to admit money is a motivating factor for me- there is a minimum that I would work for but the challenge, the satisfaction, the reputation I have and continue to have, the joy of solving an interesting problem, for the impact on the wider community and yes, the appreciation- that acknowledgement and recognition of a job well done are even more important to me.

Being at the top is definitely lonely- I have no one to answer to- no boss, and so even though Ryan does tell me he couldn’t imagine being without me, it’s not the same to real appreciation, to a real understanding of what is it he likes… The other day, we gave everyone their annual bonuses and along with a card highlighting three key areas we thought they were strong in and a core value from the company’s ethos that we thought they imbibed- and so I gave Ryan a similar card because I know it’s lonely on the top and everyone needs that little bit of love and care.

Isn’t it weird that despite all this management science, all this human psychology, all this focus on the soft elements that really make people work we focus on money and security and those elements to keep a person in the fold… I hope as my organisation grows, I don’t lose sight of this and can always retain a small company feel no matter how many employees we have… This is my public promise to myself- I shall do my best to do this for as long as I am in this company…


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