That’s kinda the nickname Tigger and I have given my project to find me a man!

Over the past few days, I have been dealing with the issue called TL- yes, he needs to be dealt with- I need closure- 2 years on and I have never dealt with the end of a significant relationship and I think this is my time to grieve- I need to go through all the 5 stages.

Today I spent a looooong time on the phone to my friend Curly- she rocks and she was the one who made me realise I needed to grieve and deal with the end of that relationship- even if he was a douche bag and did propose to me again in Feb/ Mar this year while he was dating the lady he is about to marry! Men- seriously!!! And then, I had an even looooooooooooooooonger chat with Tigger- she always amazes me, amuses me and makes me happy.

So yesterday, while chatting to one of my friends, we decided to come up with my list- today, Tigger encapsulated it in 2 words “my equal”- that’s who I am looking for- someone who is intelligent (yes I do believe I am), someone who has a similar fire in his belly as I do in mine (could be about anything really), someone who knows how to have fun, someone kind, someone compassionate, someone trustworthy, someone ambitious, someone passionate, someone who complements me, someone who enjoys traveling as much as I do, someone who enjoys being at home every so often but loves going out too, someone who is my best friend too, basically my Mars bar (A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play).

The other day, my mother decided to tell me what all the stars say about my partner and there’s some things that really strike me:

  • Not too tall
  • Not the fittest guy on earth
  • Non Indian- potentially Caucasian
  • Someone whose career I will help grow
  • A friend
  • Someone who understands the nuances of fine living
  • Someone who has passions and interests of his own
  • An individual

I like the sound of that… to be honest, even though I don’t believe in what the stars have to say!

So where do people like me hang out? Where does meet the male versions of me? Do they exist? Now to come up with a strategy…

At a later date (Dec 13):

Came across this quote somewhere: “lots of affection, plenty of ambition, honesty and the guarantee of financial security are the four ways to a Taurus female’s heart.” Oh so true- a combination of all those is a very good way of keeping me happy! 🙂


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