And another week goes by!

And what a week it has been!

The last week one has been insanely crazy- between engagements- SO many of them, elopement- just one and business projects- TONNES!

I wonder what my highlights really should be amidst this madness but if I really have to, they are:

  • Cooking 4 meals in a week! And getting a Wagamama meal in too- yumm.
  • Finalising the details of this one company merger/ acquisition that has been playing on my mind
  • Having my first snowfight of the season- Dr. F, his lady and I made merry in the snow and let the kids in us out… such a laugh!

Must also thank irishrail for getting me to Dublin in one piece yesterday- my journey was 3 different types of rails ervices- Intercity, Luas and Dart! Wahay!!

Here’s to more snow!


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