I love snow.

I have always loved snow- ever since I was a kid, even before my first time with snow (Kufri in Himachal when I was around 11/12)… I will never forget spending my 17th birthday in Switwerland at Jungfrauoch (spelling?) enjoying a snowfall… maybe that is why I was always fascinated by the Antarctic but either which way, I love snow.

Last night, there was a massive thunder and lightning storm along with a snowfall. From the comfort of my living room with a blazing fire, it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. No documentary, no nothing could beat the vastness of it, the power of nature and just the awesomeness that is this world. What a vision to go to bed with! I loved it- yet another reason to love snow.

So because of all the snow, I didn’t want to take the car out or do anything as it was freezing and I kinda liked the relaxed atmosphere around me… a walk would have been nice but I wasn’t pushed enough to make it happen. The fire, some Nutella dark hot chocolate, pineapple, a nice warm bath and I was a happy bunny. Come dinner time, I decided to cook again and try yet another experiment which worked out really well too.

J’s Special Seafood Pasta

Thawed scallops, crab claws and prawns.

Heated a pot with some olive oil, garlic and scallions. When browned, added in some red peppers, yellow peppers, mushrooms and once slightly cooked, I added in sundried tomato and chili paste (one of those bottled sauce type thingies- yeah I know, I should be ashamed) and cooked it with a wee bit of red wine. Added in some mixed herbs, oregano, basil, parsley and it tasted good.

In another pan, cooked the seafood till it was almost done and then added it, some barbecued salmon, some cooked spaghetti to mix it all in together.

Ah what a treat.

I am loving cooking again, even if I do really miss someone else cutting and cleaning the mess…

On a different note, heading to Dublin tomorrow to spend the evening with Dr. F and his lady- SO excited. Cannot wait!!!! I love me friends.



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2 responses to “Snow!!!

  1. Lars

    Keep living in the country- you are sorting out my dinner issues every day 😉 What ingredients should I buy for tomorrow?

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