I smell of Garlic…

You know one of the things I have always enjoyed, especially when really stressed is cooking. And one of the very few things about living in the middle of f*@£ing nowhere is the fact that I have more time to cook and even better, someone to appreciate it- even if he is a fussy eater!

So tonight, my dear housemate threw a strop stating that all he wanted to eat was scallop and rice. And then he had the audacity (THE AUDACITY- yeah, it did bother me a bit!) to suggest sweet&sour sauce- the pre-made variety! As if!! Anyhow, I decided to give him what he wanted with the ‘J’ twist and some spices… and thus, began the experiment.

J’s special Scallop & Rice- Thai style paella

Marinade: Soy sauce + Olive Oil + Pepper + Some random hot chilli sauce in the press + Garlic + Galangaal root- Mix all together, coat scallops and refrigerate for about 30 mins.

Rice: In a little bit of oil, roast some mustard seeds, add some garlic, some scallions, Thai 7 Spice and then some rice and water. Boil the rice with all the flavours and add some peas towards the end. Takes about 12 minutes. Drain away the water when finished.

Cook the scallops- do them on both sides really well- takes about 6-8 minutes. Add the marinade into the pan while cooking. While cooking, break the scallops into smaller pieces. Once cooked, mix the scallops and rice in together in the pot where the scallops were cooked.

Served with fresh basil to garnish and a slice of lemon.

A fantastic experiment and definitely one I will try again! But for now, I smell of garlic.



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2 responses to “I smell of Garlic…

  1. Lars

    Hmmm- sounds interesting- but then alot of your weird concoctions do but they do end up working- will give this a shot too!

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