Holidays! Holidays!! Holidays!!!


I love holidays. To me, holidays mean

  • a chance to recoup
  • regroup my thoughts
  • explore some new places
  • learn about a new culture or two
  • meet new people
  • party
  • sleep-in
  • get some exercise
  • treat myself for all the hard work
  • and just have an absolute blast!

This year it’s extra special

  • I am hopefully traveling 2/3 of my best friends. I will certainly miss having some of the other ones around but hey- better than nothing
  • After a very long time, I am traveling in my part of the world, on my continent and not in my own country
  • I desperately need time out after the insanity of the year of studying
  • I am so close to burn out after the extended stress of the project I was working on
  • I am going to 4 different countries
  • I am going to a very close friend’s wedding

And the itinerary ROCKS!!

We start off in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi for 5 days.

Heading on to Laos: Vientiane and Luang Prabang for 5 days. Spending Christmas at the waterfalls or in the caves- what a way to celebrate a festival!

Heading to Cambodia: Siem Reap and Phnom Penh for 4 days. Meeting a friend after 10 years here to party and ring in the new year.

And then to India- Mumbai, Pune and Delhi for weddings, family time, friends. Lots of laughter.

Life rocks when you have such amazing plans to look forward to. There are few things in life that bring me unadulterated joy as the joy of traveling does. I cannot wait.

P.S. Did I mention I am excited?!


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