The last few days have been exceptionally busy, great craic and really go-go-go. To the extent, I didn’t even get to write my weekly for last week and there were a few:

  • 2 hikes over the weekend and an additional midnight, old-time walk by the pier
  • Some cool new thoughts/ processes/ meetings at work that have the potential deliver MASSIVE results- Woohoo!
  • Finally, and yes I mean finally, after all the up & down insanity, booked flights for my big trip- I cannot wait. The best bit- since we are conducting business meetings, getting online every single day and planning constantly, it is being covered by work!

Other than the insanity called life, I have been left pondering by some comments made by a certain wise person I know. While he was over staying with us for a few days, we were discussing the office, how things are, how we plan to bring in some formal policies, new way of thinking, a change in the culture and certain structures etc- and his attitude was that we were wasting our time doing things a small company didn’t need to. At some level, what he says makes absolute sense- rationally, we are facing some tough times, we need to buckle up and do what we do well and focus on our core competencies but there is the visionary part of me that wonders how will we ever grow bigger and be sustainable to allow the senior team to travel and do our thing if we don’t put the structures and mechanisms in place to allow us to be flexible, lean and effective… At an impasse now.

With all the thinking, being tired, playing host, planning my life, trying to not worry about certain aspects in my life that don’t seem to be going as smoothly as I had hoped, I am a wee bit aware that I am heading to burn-out and I wonder if this is the crash after the high or the long overdue crash that I am undergoing. And with that, there’s more food for thought on my plate hehe.



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