Roller-coaster Ride…

…isn’t as twisted/ fast-paced/ busy as my last week was- and this was meant to be my “quiet” week!

The Geek reappeared on the scene and is VERY keen to see me again but nice guy and all he may be- there is one really big issue- he is a terrible kisser and I could potentially overlook most other things (and yes, there are a few other faults) but a bad kisser is something one cannot settle for really… right?

The Chef has gotten cold feet of sorts. To be honest, so have I. We really like each other but don’t know where it’s going, what’s happening or what the story is… and we both are waiting for the other one to make the move.

Anyway, enough with the boys- one thing is for sure, men in the middle of the country are definitely not gonna float my boat- either they are ugly, boring or both so I think my dating life is going to go through a fairly bumpy patch- sigh.

On the other hand, work is keeping me very busy- looking at a few new projects and one of them has taken a twist because the intended supplier wants to come on board as a partner while one of the functioning businesses is going the opposite way where the partner wants out- between those 2 changes at the corporate level and the need to make changes at a smaller level to be effective, it’s a juggle of priorities! At each business level, there are many other things needing attention but I think I need to focus on:

  • Employees! If they can get up to speed with things, it will make my life MUCH easier!
  • Policies- it sets the boundary in which people can be quirky and take the initiative!!

However, judging by the fact I started writing this en route to the Lyrath on Nov 6 and am still musing about all these things, juggling the various thoughts in my head, trying to figure out the best way for people to understand the company vision and yeah, I know this is where I need a workshop where I facilitate the discussion to such a location that I get them reading from the hymn page I already have but even so….

So much to do, so little time… wonder if I am doing something wrong.


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