So still on an Anna Nielsen kick, I came across this print:

However this made me think- I mean, I think there is more than 1 person for me out there- I have been in love 3 times already and am pretty sure, there is atleast 1 more out there. And I think I have met some of my soulmates already too. Happiness, that’s where it’s at and I am happy out so all good.

To get me out of this weird dismal mood, am gonna count my blessings from last week:

  • Graduated! Wahay!! And got “Student of the Year” and “Style Icon of the Year”- not sure which one am I more excited about…
  • Caught up with my girlies- 5 of us together for the 2nd time in 2 years- not a very good catch-up rate but still oh-so-good
  • Had a fabulous chat with Dr. F- one of my best mates- we went down the nostalgia path and discussed plans we had come up with 6 years ago about what we wanted to achieve in 10 years and we seem to be doing pretty well on that front- both of us have managed 2/3- Dr. F has changed his mind about 1 and I still want to get to my 3rd within the next year or two- fingers crossed.

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