The last few days have been absolutely brilliant… Despite a mad start on Friday, it turned out to be one of the best days ever- Ryan and Tigger make amazing “parents”- NOT- well, they quibble like a married couple but seriously, no Tweed jacket and no “mother of the graduant” outfit is all wrong! But despite that, they are amazing people and I love them to bits- having mum and Winnie around would have just made it all perfect. Sigh, I missed those 2 ladies SO much!! One would have thought being awarded the Student of the Year and Style Icon would be cherries on the icing but the real cherries were the laughs with my classmates, the hugs with my friends, the shared memories with everyone around me and just the package of it all- wrapped by the most amazing people ever! Boy, I am so lucky.

Saturday meant heading to a friend’s 21st (‘cos we never disclose the true age!)- it was SO good to have my SATC ladies together- these are MY girls- well, one of the sets- the 5 of us have been together for years now and we are such a busy bunch that getting us together is tricky but we managed! And how good it was- I love it!! We had a lovely evening with lethal mojitos before heading for a lovely meal and the nightclub. It was amazing to have the attention I did especially when I felt as rotten as I did- hadn’t heard the word “sassy” as many times as I did last night and not from my friends!!!! Odd but great for the ego- I love it!

And to top it off- today was the pinnacle as I managed to get my room cleaned to some extent and I love having my hammock again.

Ok- all in all, it is great to have had such a great weekend- am SO not looking forward to the crash that is about to come any second now.


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