There are the simple things in life that just make my day, this week there have been a good few of them 🙂

  • When sick on Monday, Ryan refused to give me my laptop so I could sleep and also cooked me dinner
  • I have a blazing fire in the house
  • I graduate from a dream business course tomorrow
  • When I was in a sh!t mood yesterday, I was given a cup of tea and a cupcake unexpectedly
  • I have a great job

Agreed, the last has almost always been the case in my life- be it my own job, be it a job I always wanted to, be it a hobby that earned me money, be it whatever- I thank the beautiful world that I have around me for it being the way it is. I am really looking forward to a day with some of my closest mates tomorrow- Ryan, Tigger, Dr F, some of the girlies- wish Mum, my baby sister, Jingles and Winnie were there too.

Every so often, life rocks.


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