Employees = Asset?!

Yet they usually fall on the “Liability” side of the spreadsheet!

I have had some interesting experiences the past few days that have made me grow by leaps and bounds and really made me believe in them being assets- primarily because I feel let down by the people currently in my office. I have a great team, with tremendous potential, who are unwilling to either believe in themselves or just plain unwilling to push themselves that wee bit extra or something I haven’t yet managed to figure.

They think they have done a great job, it seems that they have improved but seriously, I am still disappointed- there are 5 in the team- they are all equally good but lack that je-ne-sais-qua- be it the ability to do what’s needed, be it the ability to be convinced in their decisions or be it the ability to juggle priorities.

2 incidents definitely stand out in my head:

  • We hired a retired public servant’s wife, who had worked in a solicitor firm for 15 years- she came with high recommendations but every dealing I seem to have with her leaves me with a distaste in my mouth- I am really looking forward to the end of her tenure- to the extent, I was keen to hand her the walking papers earlier itself- ages ago when I first realised she was not as good as everyone made her out to be. Anyhow, I resisted and it seems she has been doing a decent enough job recently. However, yesterday she stopped me in front of everyone else and exceptionally rudely informed me that despite her contract, she expected to be paid on the day she finished. So I called in a few favours and got it done. But today, she came again and threatened that if I didn’t complete the paperwork, I will be held responsible and that it is unfair- I managed to keep my cool, expalin the situation to her, and walk out a victor. I may have made an enemy in the process but she should know better than to get on the wrong side of me. So glad I do not have to work with her again.
  • Then today, a customer came in because she hadn’t been given a piece of paper she expected ages ago. I eventually got to the bottom of the problem and sorted it out. But I realised that there had been a whole bunch of papers overlooked in the process and told the admin staff to deal with it. They retaliated as if I had accused them- agreed I was a bit pissed off but I certainly wasn’t rude. This led to a heated discussion and eventually they realised I was not playing a blame game or anything but it was about everyone learning and putting in place processes that allowed them to deal with situations and allow for lesser mistakes.

In both scenarios, I got my way, I did well but they weren’t easy and they weren’t without me having to keep my patience and truly wonder is it worth having loyal staff when they are just not doing what they need to- not because they can’t but because they don’t want to!!

Here’s hoping they will get find that inner fire in themselves and prove to be the team that I think they can be. Any ideas/ comments/ thoughts on how I can get them there are very much appreciated.



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2 responses to “Employees = Asset?!

  1. Cammie Raybourn

    big + for you, regards

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