Sometimes I wonder if I have very high standards, if I am way too much of a perfectionist or is it just that I take pride in the work I do?!

or maybe I understand the simple thing called responsibility- anyone else ever heard of it?!!

Had to walk out of the office today because I was so DISGUSTED at the behaviour of the senior manager who reports into me. She went off for 2 days of holidays- I wasn’t in the office on her last day and tried calling her loads of times for an update- was told she had sent me an email- errr… Nothing worth knowing in that email to me and then she refused to meet me today because she was so stressed- I mean, seriously- you have let customers down, you have made mistakes and you cannot own up, you are annoyed ‘cos you couldn’t get someone to do the job you delegated to them and then you scream at me ‘cos I want to rectify things?! And last week, during our weekly team meeting, after our biggest project had just finished, she walked out mid-way. Some responsibility there! I am SO furious- yes, I know I shouldn’t expect everyone to work at a Fortune 100 standard but a bit of respect for your supervisor and a bit of pride in the job are too much to f*cking ask for, are they?!!!!!! Like seriously.

I am meeting my team tomorrow and want to ensure that I calm down before I see them or else….

Anyhow, my highlights of last week:

  • Had an amazing Diwali celebration- saw movies, bought knives, went for dinner, set off the smoke alarm in the house due to the number of candles, spent time with my friends, bought sweets for all in the office and even set off some sky-lanterns
  • Went away for a spa weekend and had a brilliant time- really do wish we had managed to switch off from work but in fairness, that’s too much to ask for!
  • Had a business meeting with a supplier and I thought the way I played my cards, used my position was just brilliantly strategic- the sort of thing that would win a chess game!

After ages, I went away for a bit of a break. Went to this awesome spa resort called Lyrath in Kilkenny. It was SO beautiful, quiet and serene- highly recommend it! The Oriental restaurant there served a lovely meal and we had one of the nicest bottles of Bordeaux ever- yummm- I could use a glass right NOW infact 🙂 The pool- kinda small but refreshingly warm, the jacuzzi- great, the beds- comfy, the view from the room- green and the barmen- they remembered what we were drinking when we couldn’t so A++ in my books! All in all, well worth a visit. I could go back already.


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