Insignificant to some, the world to others

You know today I went to the cinema… we all know I love animations! But this one was different-it’s the first CGI 3D animation from Asia and my family has played a massive role in it. The highlight of the show was not the cutesy story, not the amazing special effects, not the crisp production but 2 names that are a part of that group that mean the world to me.

To every one else, those names may be insignificant. To everyone else, credits may be pointless but to a dream that I have seen realised from dinner table talk to this, it was a very humbling moment. The pride I felt when I saw my baby brother’s name on screen and the respect I felt for my aunt when I saw her name is a feeling that makes the most egoistical person in the world forget who they are for a moment and just bow down to the hardwork, to realising a dream and to making it happen, against all odds.


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