Enjoying the Buzz

It’s weird, I work with Ryan- we share the same office space and are the only ones in it, I live with Ryan- only the two of us, I drive into work with Ryan- still haven’t sorted out a car for myself and yet I miss hanging out with Ryan.

I miss my mate, the one who used to make me laugh, the one who used to be there for me when I was stressed out and needed a shoulder, the one who just “got” me. I know he’s exceptionally crazy busy and very stressed and he shoulders alot burden than he needs to because that’s just his silly way of trying to protect me and his other colleagues but the emotional part of me misses Ryan, my best friend.

You know I was in the middle of writing this post and then things got to a head today- stress levels at the highest, lack of food etc etc etc and then Ryan and I went for a walk- about 45 mins away from the office, as 2 mates. It’s funny how life works itself out every so often.

All’s well again- for the moment- so cannot wait for the next week, when I can finally get my broken toe looked at, grab some sleep, eat healthy and think Diwali.

Talking of Diwali, saw fireworks today (for Halloween) and totally loved it. May not be playing cards, may not be with my blood family, may not be eating “badam ki barfi”, may not be lighting diyas (yet) but it’s Diwali time and even at this distance, I can feel the excitement and I absolutely love it!

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