It’s been 3 weeks since I wrote anything and it’s not for not wanting to but just ‘cos it has been insanely busy for me…. there is so much I could rant and rave about too but let it be… probably better off forgetting it all!

Something funny happened the other day- Ryan’s mum is staying with us for a few days and she has this 8 month old toy poodle (ugh- I don’t like toy dogs even though I love dogs but still) and he is teething currently so it’s kinda irritating as he wants to chew on everything- especially something stringy!

You can see where this is going right? 😉

Somehow the poodle got hold of my knickers and chewed on it- I caught him and put it back in the wash…. not realising how much damage had already been done!

So if I am caught in my office CCTV squirming oddly- we all know why- stretching weak string is not a good idea- lesson learnt, don’t ever have pet poodles- kidding!!!!!!!

Atleast now I can turn back and laugh at it.

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