2 week’s worth…

of my top 3 weekly achievements- there are tonnes of drafts waiting to be finished and published but since I can’t seem to get everything done in time, here goes:

Week ending September 19:

  • Drove to Dublin in a sexy sporty car- it was the only car I can get insured on in this country. GO FIGURE!
  • Managed to get the room I want in the house and even get my bed in
  • Did not kill Ryan’s girlfriend, esp when she told me how she expects a ring very soon and that she is only with him ‘cos someday he will be rich and famous!

Week ending yesterday:

  • A whole week in my new role without any other senior management in place and no real major hiccups/ issues
  • Some me time- yes, a rarity these days as it will be for another 6 weeks
  • Even though it wasn’t a weekly thing, it was an honour to be a student of my strategy lecturer who passed away during the week and in his memory, even though I couldn’t make it to the funeral (happening now), I’m remembering him and his teachings in the office

Hopefully I wouldn’t be a stranger on my own blog! Later peeps!


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