Alcoholic Shennanigans!

They should NOT be allowed!

But they are… and you know why- because they make us laugh and laughter is the best medicine for everything. So the last few days have had MANY shennanigans- where do I even begin to start the stories…

  • Last Thursday was a beauty pageant called Miss Sunday World- personally, in my opinion, very mediocre- in many ways- organising, PR, models, judges, atmosphere, logistics etc etc etc but either which way, Ryan’s lady was one of the finalists and so we went along to support. Now, for those of you who know me, know I am not particularly fond of fashion- I love style, but modeling, pageants, fashions shows etc are things I shoot and do work at every once in a while but that’s pretty much it. So when you put Pixie (another very close friend of Ryan’s who absolutely detests his girlfriend) and me together in a place we have no interest in, in a place we don’t want to be seen in- our best bet is drink and so we drank! 2 other friends of ours joined in and basically, before you knew it- Pixie was singing ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ in O’Donoghues and she brought everyone to a stand still- I SO think she should be a singer, professional one, I mean. Let’s just say, very little food + a lot of drinks + shots = messed up us!
  • Then, after the drinks, we needed food, right? Sensible thing to do, right? Well, so we did the sensible thing and went for some food- kebabs! Yay! Now there is only one place and one place only in Dublin for kebabs and they are also the only kebab place that take credit cards (I think)- anyway, I decided to pay by credit card and the f*ckers charged me 100x the amount!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAARGH. My fault for not noticing it either but still- UGH.
  • Hungover on Friday, I am driving to work with Ryan and Pixie… and they hoodwink me into making the decision to go away for the weekend and guess what- I went and did exactly that- buy a ticket for a weekend festival with Ryan, Tigger, Daddy Long Legs and many other mates.
  • Come Saturday, I am tired, sleepy, hungover but full of energy and just buzzing with life… however, life has its own plans every so often. Ryan and I ended up getting exceptionally drunk and having the most amazing heart-to-heart one could imagine ever. We have NEVER come close to pouring our hearts out so much at one time and I always knew how much I meant to him but after the weekend, it was even more obvious and I felt great to know that he was saying all that just ‘cos he was so drunk and so happy to be spending time with me. And potentially the best bit for me (and Pixie) was him agreeing to sort things with his girlfriend because he realises she is taking him for granted and is not the one for him!

On a completely different note then, I was reading some stuff written by one of my favourite actors- Anupam Kher:

In The Little Prince, the protagonist falls in love with a rose. And he is truly besotted with her as he thinks she is the only rose in the world, till he discovers fields of roses! Predictably, he is crushed. But he realises another simple truth: People may raise five thousand roses in the same garden — and they don’t find in them what they are looking for. And yet, what they are looking for could be found in one single rose!

Aren’t these words so beautiful? They remind me of a discussion my mother and I had many years ago about how the more we are given choice, the less we can decide and the more we have seen, the less we want to settle and how to some extent, ignorance truly is bliss!

And since I have been so terrible at posting recently, my top 3 of last week would be:

  • Starting back work after over 2.5 years away! And yes, it is VERY tough.
  • Enjoying the conversation and the laughs on Saturday with Ryan.
  • Beginning to think ahead already and planning my Halloween celebration.

Till laters, I will hopefully be a bit more regular.


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