Is it weird…

That when I am thinking of something, I come across more information, more articles etc about it…

You know how I was on about relationships yesterday, well- here‘s another interesting blog on it! I truly do wonder how does pinky promise translate online indeed… most of my relationships start online these days or are definitely enhanced enhanced online!

Talking of relationships, I met the management on a one-on-one today and it was amazing- 2 of the ladies were absolutely ECSTATIC at the prospect of more work and newer challenges coming their way- the enthusiasm, the fun and the excitement that sparkled in their eyes, radiated off their every pore was so encouraging that it just made my day- just like the shooting star I saw! And I like to believe an element of it was primarily ‘cos I reached out to establish a relationship! Naive, overconfident or just arrogant- not sure which am I or just simply hopeful? 🙂


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