I don’t love my friends all the time

and I don’t see what’s wrong with that, either. How can you love anyone all the time, seriously?!!

I have this friend (Polly) who is one of the most genuine people I know but also the most insecure person ever. She has been head over heels in love with this one guy for over a year and you know the funny thing- the guy told her he was just sleeping with her and using her but she believes this is different ‘cos when he is drunk, he calls her- seriously, has she never heard of a booty call?!!

So what is it about her that bugs me?

  • She wants to make absolutely NO effort to change the situation and wants to complain ALL the f&*@ing time!
  • She has no concept of time and doesn’t respect other’s time.
  • She is very focused on herself- it is all about her, her and her.
  • She doesn’t want to listen to her blind spots.
  • She feels the need to be the centre of attention at all times.

However, the reason she is still my friend is she is genuine, her heart is in the right place and when she lets go of her OCDs, she is actually quite a laugh. And she cares for me- that makes up for everything, right?!

Since I am missing the WorldCup, here’s a reminder!


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