‘My’ Men and MY weekly achievements…

You know, there are a few things I have almost always felt are important in the way of a relationship for me… height is one of them- I like my heels and I like to be able to support myself on my guy’s arm when I am in those really high ones so if he is less than 6 feet it just doesn’t do it for me and personally, for some reason, I cannot feel as attracted to them.

Another one is that of their salaries. Weirdly enough, it never use to bother me and really doesn’t when it comes to spending money etc but as I have dated more and more people, I have come to realise that men find it difficult when the girl earns more… and it really is a problem to them, psychologically even if they don’t think so. And now study shows that men who earn less than their partners cheat more! So somewhere deep inside, I was right to start doubting that one. Saying that, I think the salaries are not a discussion point or an issue of the two people in the relationship are not in the same profession as the competition is tempered down somewhat. So despite whatever the world might say, including this animation ‘Alpha & Omega’ that I am really looking forward to, an Alpha female only really works well with an Alpha male.

Anyhow, enough of my ramble on men. That’s a topic I could go on about for quite a while as we all know.

Here’s to my top 3 of the week:

  • Completing one of the most intense years any human could ever face.
  • Climbing a mountain despite every cell in my body resisting.
  • Facing the risk of deportation and dealing with it calmly to sort out the issue- atleast I have managed to get myself some time with the government and their admin errors!

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