I come from a family of huggers. My friends are huggers. And those that aren’t become huggers, at least around me. To me, a hug is an essential part of a close relationship- and I don’t mean a pat on the back hug but the sort where you really wrap your arms around each other tight and actually share a connection, the sort that makes me feel secure and makes me feel the love. You know what I mean, right?

So research shows that there is a minimum number of hugs people need everyday:

4 for survival

8 for maintenance

12 for growth

And apparently (yeah, still loving the word- deal with it!), hugs have massive advantages, for immunity, depression, stress etc!

I am NOT getting the number of hugs I need to survive on a daily basis- all of you out there, we need to have words.

However, if anything, today made me realise that like most things in life, it is NOT about the quantity, but the quality.

I have had a sh!t day- don’t even get me started, when it rains, it pours and though it pours in all the good ways too, today has been for ALL the wrong reasons- work, men, love, family, college, friends- everything seems to be getting me down.

BUT (and it is a bit BUT because it is worth it and goes back to why I call this post ‘Hugs’)

MY FRIENDS ROCK!! Yeah I know I have said it in the past but I’ll say it again.

– My mate ‘Daddy Long Legs‘- someone I have known for years but only got to know about 3 years ago really well. We have a bit of history but now, it’s just a really strong, solid, good friendship. We don’t see each other as we’d like because we are both such busy beavers- constantly got our fingers in a million pies etc. However, today he knew I was not having a good day and he went out of his way just so he could give me a hug. Love ya, Daddy Long Legs- you are amazing and I love you to bits. Thank you for being there.

– My mate ‘Tigger‘ doesn’t live in the same city as me, but fortunately she comes often and I get to see her more often than I get to see those in the same city, including Daddy Long Legs sometimes! She is also my travel buddy and one of the best mates anyone could ask for. The moment she got a moment, she called me and then she kept letting me know she was there for me whenever I wanted to talk. And in all honesty- she never needs to remind me- her actions speak louder than words- she is always there for me.

– My soulmate ‘Winnie‘- she is someone I have known for over a decade, she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me angry, she calms me, she travels with me, she plans for me, she drives me insane but she understands me like no one else. She is the one I turn to when I can’t seem to get a grip on myself. Unfortunately, distance keeps us apart and we see each other maybe once a year, if lucky twice but we speak once a week usually and we always have each other in our thoughts. She is a firm believer of the power of chanting (Buddhist chanting) and her first reaction was that she will chant for me. You gotta love Winnie! Thanks Winnie, for being you, for being such a part of me, for understanding me and most importantly, for explaining me to me!

Dr. F is someone who has been mentioned in the past and I suppose a thank you is not complete without recognising his contribution to my optimism today. The moment he knew I needed a friend, he was there- even if only a call away. A call from Dr. F = a smile.

– And my buddy Ryan. He just rocks. He is amazing. He has been trying to sort everything out for me today- I normally speak to him about 5 times a day, today I have spoken to him 5 times an hour! Ryan, we have our differences, we argue, we will be sharing a house, we will be working together (24/7 and not the way we do currently), we hike together, we party together, we hang out, we go road-tripping together, we are a duo, we are bestfriends and I am delighted we fought those many moons ago and decided to meet for coffee to get to know one another. You infuriate me regularly, and yes you do that on a very regular basis but you know I love you to bits and I am delighted our friendship is the way it is. I wish you were near me today because, more than me you deserve a hug and I wish I could give you a proper hug- now that I have finally trained you into it.

– The funny thing is that The Chef was very good and he called me the moment he could- he got himself a puppy today and so couldn’t get him to come to me but the thought was cute.

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