Pocketful of rainbows, heart full of love

So, living in the country where it rains constantly, rainbows become quite the regular occurrence but sometimes, one needs a pocketful of rainbows and this ad is all about that heart full of love!

And it makes my city look SO pretty!

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Here’s a little bit about the making of it- great to see that in this world of technology, something’s are still done the old-fashioned, simple way!

Talking of simplicity, I am well-impressed by this non-Irish dude who works in Temple Bar- while all the Irish are trying to come up with these techie ideas and make their big buck, he has a simple ply board with the Irish flag, leprechauns and beer glasses and 3 holes for faces, clicks a pic for a fiver and since he’s printing about 400 pics a day, he is looking at about 10k for 5 day’s work- how cool is that?! Simple and effective- now, that’s what I call getting out there and just doing it.

While on the topic, my top 3 of the week:

  • Didn’t burst into tears at the last class night out last week- seriously proud of myself for that one!
  • Balance between work and college and life was amazing and I even managed a good amount of sleep.
  • I brought a smile on 20 faces at least when I gave them a card summing the experiences we shared together.

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