I’m proud to be a lady

And so are many other females I know who are proud to be ladies too but this never stops me wondering why is there an equality between the wages a man earns and a woman earns?

Now, I know I am more an exception than the rule where I get paid higher than a lot others in my field but it has come at a cost- a cost I have gladly paid because this is what I want and am willing to push getting married, having kids till later but there are many others who choose to get married, have babies, settle for less pay and are equally happy. I salute them, especially since I wish someday I’d have the courage to settle for less money.

(Disclaimer: I’d like to believe I am not a material girl but I do like my comforts!)

This blogpost tries to throw more light on the issue and it scares me to think how much we undervalue some of the very key services- a quote that I absolutely agree with:

“What’s striking is the high cost of femininity. Many traits that contribute to women’s success in finding a male partner don’t pay off in the labor market – and vice versa. As one economic analysis of a speed-dating experiment puts it, “Men do not value women’s intelligence or ambition when it exceeds their own.” By contrast, intelligence and ambition contribute to men’s success in both the “dating market” and the labor market.”

I find this particularly true for my case- I am ambitious, intelligent and a go-getter and apparently this makes me intimidating to a man! Go figure- they ask for independent women and can’t handle them when they see one! But I seem to be degressing into dating and love life here as for discussing the inequality of pay scales.

Why is it that even in the top companies (and I am referring to some of the Fortune 500) there is still a gap between what a man and a woman gets paid. Yes, women get maternity benefits. Yes, women need a few other considerations but then again, men get away by coming in with a hangover. So there will always be those differences in expectations but if two people are putting in the same amount of work and getting similar results, shouldn’t they be rewarded similarly?!



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4 responses to “I’m proud to be a lady

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    • This has to be the most intriguing comment I have ever seen, I must be honest!
      I love penguins too but I think you may just be alot more obsessed about them than I am! Enjoy being friends with the penguins 🙂

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