“The journey not the arrival matters.”

T.S Eliot said those famous words many moons ago and the movie ‘Step Up’ tried really hard to bring them to life.

However, anyone going to see the movie expecting a storyline of any sort

  • is severely disillusioned
  • is completely unaware of the reviews
  • has exceptionally high expectations

And so a gang of 4 girls decided to head out after a night out on the tiles to eat ice-cream and not use our brains while avoiding bright lights etc. ‘Step Up’ fit the bill perfectly! My ONLY condition was we had to see it in 3D as I was very keen to see how the dances would look (that was my only draw to be honest).

And this is what I walked out thinking:

  • Could have made the lines punchier
  • Could have made the romance between Moose and his lady loads better
  • Could have NOT done so many special-effects in the dances that one thought it was all computer generated and the humans did nothing- my BIGGEST gripe about the whole thing!

On the plus side:

  • Great dances
  • Some cool moves- esp the little kids towards the end
  • Loved the way Moose and his lady danced in the street to the tune from the ice-cream van (The song is a remix of “I Won’t Dance” in the style of Fred Astaire, done by District 78)
  • Best dance was the one in the 2nd round when the Pirates danced in the water

All in all, a thumbs up if you really don’t have much else to do with your time or brain!


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