As an Indian in Ireland, I do stand out- even now. And as one of the party circuit, having a good one, not shy, enjoying my drink, laughing and being bold, I am usually always considered “exotic” and so getting chatted up int he bar is pretty much the norm for me, not being cheeky or smart or anything.

However this was a new one: “Wow! Are those breasts homegrown?”

I mean, he was cute and all, if jock is your look but really thick and I judge people by who they are with and I didn’t like the look of them either and I know I am being superficial but a vibe is important ok?!

Anyhow, he didn’t get far using that on me- a smile and I continued on my way so not sure if it’s really effective… still, amusing.

And today is the Indian Independence Day, which means Facebook and Twitter will have ALOT of comments wishing one Happy Independence Day, people will have the Indian flag as their photos, they will talk about being free, kicking British a$$es, there will be many speeches and promises, many kites will be flown, but sadly come August 16- all will be forgotten 😦 Sigh.I’d make a promise to try and change all that but that’s pointless right because what happens today gets forgotten about tomorrow. Saying that, there must be something to India that despite all the corruption and negativity, there is a smile on our faces!

आखिर में , हम पूछते नहीं ना|


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