Since I believe in equality, I can’t have an opinion on menism and ignore this side, right?! 😉

Ha! That’s just an excuse- it just seems women is the common theme between some of the topics playing on my mind tonight:

– As you know, I sit on the board of a few different organisations around town. Well, one of these companies is run by someone (for the sake of the blog, we’ll call him Ryan) I admire alot. But love him as much as I do, there are times I do think he misses the differences between males and females. And this amuses me, since he has no brothers, 2 sisters and works in an office with 5 ladies and spends atleast an hour a day talking to me- another female.

Now I know there are issues with women leading women at times and I mentioned it to Ryan as part of one of our discussions and it’s been playing on his mind so he informed one of the key members in the staff about the fact that I might be stepping into a full-time role for a while. However, in Myers-Briggs terms, he went with a VERY ‘T’ approach and I suspect she is a ‘F’. Now, next week will mark her 4th anniversary in the company which is a BIG deal for all of us so we plan to pamper her silly with a card, cake and the usual little things that just show our appreciation for her work. We want to give her a raise too but I think I’ll personally tell her about that when I get down there to have a chat about her career, her plans and her increased responsibilities.

But why oh why, are we women so very emotional about these things and why do we misunderstand the intentions sometimes?! Or is it just a matter of emotional intelligence to be able to sift through to things that really matter??

– Well, on the topic of emotional women, Ryan and his girlfriend make for great entertainment (and frustrations) in my life. Basically Ryan’s girlfriend works for us in the summer and (ab)uses her position as his girlfriend which makes me REALLY angry- like seriously angry but he is so forgiving (love really IS blind). He gets irritated at her, vents to me and tries to teach her what she’s doing wrong but she gets in a huff. She has spent 3 months doing something that should have taken her a week! My main manager (the one who is completing 4 years next week) doesn’t want to supervise her because she knows what a handful she is and rightly so- it’s kinda tricky to boss the boss’s lady! But the other day the girlfriend spent the whole day NOT doing what she is meant to do, fought with Ryan and then just stormed out. She handed in her notice and then, the next morning, decided to come back to work. Such  behaviour would not be tolerated if it was anyone else- what can I do? As a person, she is all right, extremely immature and even though I can’t say I like her but I really think Ryan can do so much better- as his best friend, I am slightly biased yes, but really he should be with someone who appreciates him and all he does for them and not take him for granted.

– On a completely different topic, my mother is driving me insane right now- she is telling EVERYONE that I am getting married in 2011. Errr… mum, there is a fundamental need for me to say yes to that- MY wedding, I choose the person and time, remember?!

– And since I seem to be going through the generations, great grandma tips I have been loving recently are:

  • When one bruises, one of the best things to drink: milk, turmeric and sugar- hate the taste but works really, really well
  • Baking soda and hot water makes an excellent exfoliator
  • Vitamin E on scars works wonders, as does coconut oil
  • Yoghurt and lime makes for a great cleanser- especially to remove colour (if anyone wants to) and moisturise at the same time
  • Salt and coffee misture are very good on the skin
  • Surya namaskar (yoga)

– On a completely different note, I did something hilarious last night and everyone but everyone is talking of it in my gang today: We were all out for a big night out, and had been drinking since 7 p.m. Come 1 a.m., we were in a night club and they had Wii there. Now I am a divil for Wii Bowling- and I am just brilliant at it, if I may say so myself- despite the number of drinks I had, despite the crazy busy dance floor, despite everything I beat the sh!t out of this guy who plays Wii VERY regularly unlike me, who plays about twice a year. So, as I was bowling a shot, my remote connected with another lady’s drink and the glass went flying in the air. On paper, it doesn’t sound funny but I am pretty darn sure had someone made a video, it would be ALL over Youtube!!

At the end of the day, this pic says it all:



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2 responses to “Womenism!

  1. blackwatertown

    Maybe the answer is to find the boss’s girlfriend an even more enticing job, to keep her out of your hair. Easier said than done though.

    • Oh we’ve tried to get her to go down that route- both Ryan and I but so far she doesn’t seem to get the hint! It usually amuses me to be honest but then sometimes, all I wanna do is pull my hair out!

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