It’s a pretty planet

Sometimes, when I am meant to be focusing on a report, a deliverable, a project document or something else equally really important, I procrastinate and I waste my time, just like tonight- as if the previous post wasn’t enough of a give away!

Tonight, I went through an email I received in 2006 with some satellite pictures of the earth and I am sharing a select few just so they are preserved, if for no other reason, then for me:

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And it got me thinking- there are SO many things we just take for granted, we don’t stop to think and do to the environment. For example, close to home (for me), in Ireland, they want to convert a part of the Sandycove Green into parking lots- there are other options there, some of the locals are resisting but still the government marches on. I mean, really, are we doing justice to our environment? I mean, Al Gore talked about it in his documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’- people reacted but did NOTHING!!

Really, oh really, when will we learn?!


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