Obviously my day for random links!

1. 2 Travel Safety Tips

So, for someone who travels a fair bit (or well, hopes to), I usually get the advice to take copies of my passports everywhere, to not carry too much cash, to not wear very provocative clothes etc etc etc but this is some amazing advice- gives me an excuse to sleep in, even better!

I usually go for window seats in airplanes and as high as possible in hotels, maybe, I need to rethink both! Hmmm… I know this says nothing about airplanes but think about it, if there is an emergency, the people in the aisle would get out quicker than those by the window that doesn’t even open…

2. Women are NOT from Venus

“Popular culture tells us that women and men’s brains are just different. It’s true that male and female hormones affect brain development differently, and imaging studies have found brain differences in the ways women and men feel pain, make social decisions and cope with stress. The extent to which these differences are genetic versus shaped by experience — the old nature-versus-nurture debate — is unknown.

But for the most part, male and female brains (and brainpower) are similar. A 2005 American Psychologist analysis of research on gender differences found that in 78 percent of gender differences reported in other studies, the effect of gender on the behavior was in the small or close-to-zero range. And recent studies have debunked myths about the genders’ divergent abilities. A study published in the January 2010 Psychological Bulletin looked at almost half a million boys and girls from 69 countries and found no overall gap in math ability. Focusing on our differences may make for catchy book titles, but in neuroscience, nothing is ever that simple.”

I this! It comes from an article about 10 random facts on brains and is an interesting read though Points #7 and #1 are my favourite! I can now fight anyone who says I am thinking a certain way because I am a lady and I can tell my friends who care about their looks to realise the importance of those lines- maybe, I should go add some lines on my face by frowning though the laughter lines are so much prettier, me thinks!

3. Ladies, stretch your legs!

Yet another reason to stretch our legs ‘cos I refuse to give up heels- they are way too sexy!

4. And that is abuse of power, silly goose!

So a flight attendant became irate and went down the inflatable evacuation tube. Kinda sounds funny, in fairness, to the flight attendant! But this IS so silly, people who believe they have the power yet are low in the pecking order really shouldn’t think they can get away with things like these!!

5. Some of the things we argue about, fight about, care about are, well- for lack of better word, lame

David having the time to put this together makes me wonder how un-lame it is too but seriously, some of the things in here are just insane! I mean do I really care if Jimmy Wales edited his own birthdate or if Sarah Palin is more or less famous than Michael Palin (the man with the dream job), is Bono any good at the harmonica etc?!

Either which way, funny and amusing. And keeps me well distracted for a while… 😉

6. Puberty at 7/8?!!

Man, I am glad I didn’t have to deal with puberty at that age- imagine trying to explain birds and the bees to a kid that young! Studies are showing that girls today are hitting puberty early because of obesity (oh sorry, the word is fat now, isn’t it?) and the environment. I can just see this being such a bag of troubles! 😦


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