…that someday I do NOT end up on a list like this!

Funny that, articles that tell you how to be an ideal boss or how to become a manager, they seem to refer to ethics/ following the truth or whatever else you wanna call it, but how many of us really do? How is it measured?

And I mean, I know business schools teach their managers a course in ethics but how relevant is it when they are actually working? How many of them follow it? What about those who have never been through that course?

I am entitling this Hope because I have Hope in myself and my fellow managers across the globe to do what’s right and not end up on a list like the one above- greed is one of the seven sins!

On a bit of a sidenote, I love this article– what do YOU have- a job, a profession, a career, a passion?!!



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2 responses to “Hope…

  1. Thanks for your kind words about my articles. On the ethics issue, I think a lot of the problem comes from group psychology: people in groups will do things that individuals would never think about. I wrote more about this in my article, “18 Things I Believe About Business.” Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I honestly believe that it’s possible to be successful AND ethical. And the articles about management on my web site reflect that belief.

    • Hi there- I agree groupthink is a massive issue, I mean for instance Enron is a perfect example of that groupthink. I actually bookmarked that article too- I want to post that in my office for all my employees to read!

      I am with you- I think it’s possible to be successful and ethical but unfortunately, the world keeps proving me wrong every so often 😦

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