Book, Stories, Brunch… that’s the life ;)

So, finally finished another book in the ever-growing pile next to my bed,The Hungry Tide‘ by Amitav Ghosh.

A pretty interesting style of writing but I thought the book dragged a little to the end and if it was ever converted to a movie, I’d say it could be pretty boring… it’s about the Sunderbans in India which is a part of my country that I really haven’t made it to yet and hope to get to someday (soon?!).

So then was just reading some stuff on reddit (We all know how I use it as a perfect excuse to procrastinate) and came across this dude who is trying to write a story in 140 characters at a time. An interesting concept though I am not sure I have the patience to read a book one piece at a time!

Think I’ll go with tried and tested Terry Pratchett next, he is SO good!

So anyway, any ideas where one should go for brunch in Dublin?

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