Just another ramble…

So it has been a while since I updated about my dating life… and to be perfectly honest, a while since I took stock of it myself!

So let’s try and see who are still in the game and who’s the flavour of the moment…

Players who are still around:

  • The Scientist- still kinda leading the race but if I am not gonna see him for at least 2 months, is he really in the game?
  • The Photographer- a new dude on the scene who I am really beginning to like flirting with. And the best bit, unlike the Scientist, he flirts back!
  • The Chef- yeah, well, he’s still around but I am beginning to guess more as a mate…
  • The Surfer- he wants to tell me my fortune apparently- if he doesn’t behave, I’ll tell him his!
  • The Architect- another avid reader and a keen musician- a drummer to be more precise (and we all know about my weakness for drummers!)
  • The Geek- he thinks of me as SuperWoman, how can I not have a weakness for him?! 😉

So that’s 6 in one go! No wonder I can’t keep track of my life.

Ah, all in all, fun & games… after all, what’s life if I ain’t dating a bunch at the same time, right?! How do I juggle it all? Do I need to decide on one? Or do I just carry on? Ah decisions, decisions, decisions!

And oh random fact of the moment: August 2010 has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Tuesday- this happens once in 823 years! Feel special peeps 🙂


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