And that’s not a tired sigh, it’s a happy one. You know the kind of sigh when  you are content? Yeah, that’s me at the moment. Very content.

And for no real reason!!

I mean, I got some amazing compliments today:

– From an old subordinate: “I am leaving the company X because I can’t seem to find managers like you to lead me”- I haven’t managed her in over 2 years- WOW!

– From a colleague: “You are the best person to buy presents!”

And then, 2 cool things happened today:

1. One of my very close friends told me he is going to be in the same city as me for a few hours- I can’t wait to see him! Been forever- >2 years!!! Even though his reasons for coming are not great, it’ll be nice to see him and give him a hug, share a coffee and chat.

2. I had ordered a present for The Scientist- which arrived today (Thank you Amazon)- earlier than I expected and before he went off to kanuk land (which is next week and so I don’t see him for almost 2 months now- sniff) and even though we were both unsure how we’ll manage to see each other between our crazy schedules and cris-crossing of times in the same city etc, we managed to go for a walk today. I loved the look and the smile on his face when he saw the book- made the effort totally worthwhile. He’s so cute and I am so smitten 🙂 [The book is Ship of Gold and is absolutely brilliant, I highly recommend it!]

So all in all, CONTENT!

Anyhow peeps, off to a few drinkies before studying into the wee hours so toodles!



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