I did say I wanted to ramble…

… and so I am back!

This time a topic that seems to be very close to my heart- DATING- again! In particular, first dates…

Now, by no way or means, is this list exhaustive or in any way a guide for anyone else- these are my experiences and I kinda have hit upon this list by chance:

  • I am NOT your sweet, darling or anything– don’t you frigging call me that- do you know what I am like when I am PMSing? Do you know what I do when i am really angry? Do you know what makes me sad? No, right? You are not close enough to call me your darling or any such endearment!
  • I am presuming we’ve been texting/ e-mailing before we meet- it’s very rare I would come up with a time on the spot when I meet you (I have a great brain for double-booking) so if you’ve used terrible grammar, text speak or not used proper punctuation/ capitalisation, you are starting on a weak footing.
  • Peck on the cheek when you meet me- ok, A bear hug- NOT ok!
  • Shoes– I can’t explain what it is about them but I do notice them and I do judge them and I do make a decision based on that and so far, 10/10 for my judgements being right- I am not proud of it but I am beginning to believe it.
  • Pay up guys– if it’s a coffee or something, buy me one. I may earn loads, maybe even more than you but that’s beside the point. Unless it’s a meal or something, cough up- you are in the company of a capable, independent, pretty lady- treat her like one. I am all for women’s lib but read point 10 to see what I mean- somethings are just chivalrous and gentlemanly.
  • Dress right– a suit jacket is not the same as a jacket to be shrugged on the jeans- c’mon seriously, do you think I have no sense of style or that I’ll just look at it and smile? I will smile if you seem to have made no effort  and the look is quirky but not when I know you’re trying to impress me and failing miserably! And oh yeah- don’t forget deodorant- very important, you know- especially, if things go right…
  • Make me smile- simple. Don’t try and tell me tales of what brilliant stuff you’ve done, or the new discovery you made- tell me about you- the person you are, the dreams you have, the childhood memories that always crack you up etc- I wanna date you and not your CV!
  • Reading habits– I am being a snob but there is something to be said about those who read (e-reading/ audiobooks count) and those with a thirst of knowledge and learning- college education is fine and dandy but c’mon, you need to continue with the thirst of knowledge!
  • Errr, cinema IS not really a date– we sit together, eat some popcorn, drink some fizzy stuff, stare at a screen, exchange 2 words the whole evening and make plans to actually meet each other again? Nope- with me, there is no second time- you take me to the cinema the first time, you get the boot, simple.
  • A tight-rope walk but if you can master this, it will help you loads- treat me like a lady but never, ever not like an equal. And while at it, don’t patronise me- I am sharper than I may come across as at times, trust me, I know that!

Seriously guys, you follow these simple 10 commandments of mine, and I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t wanna see you again… it’s not that difficult really!



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2 responses to “I did say I wanted to ramble…

  1. This is a nice read about love- not really to do with first dates but a nice one nevertheless! Very cheesy too but I do like the quote “Love is a state of being”.

  2. John

    Wow. You’re going to die alone.

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