What are the chances?!

So, when it rains, it pours- at the moment I have 4 guys that I am flirting with- yes forget that original list from a few weeks ago, it has been updated:

  1. The Scientist- we all know the story with him! I really (and I mean REALLY) like him. He suggested meeting up today- yay! However he said “to clear up the air”- that sounds kinda ominous, has he been reading this blog or is it because I was a ditz and sent him the wrong text? Ah well, sometime this week, I should have my answer!
  2. The Chef- still knocking around, still laughing with him and he does come up with some amazing ideas for picnics etc!
  3. The Sunburnt Dude- he was meant to meet me tonight but canceled because he is sunburnt! He seems nice if a bit rigid in some of his ideas. I am not sure yet but am willing to give it a shot, since I am on the fence currently!
  4. The Packer- he is new to the scene- a business owner who is just trying to get into the online space (potential future partnership eh- sorry business on the mind always!) and very charming. Not my usual type- blonde, broad built but very sweet. Do I sound just a tad bit smitten? 😉

The funny thing is they ALL have the same name! Like seriously, how funny is that?! I am not used to multi-dating but this makes it so much easier- I only need to remember the one name but I could end up texting the wrong guy at the wrong time since they are so close together and keeping their stories different- even trickier!!!

And mum, if you are reading my post- this article is for you- I have obviously not written it, obviously your facts differ but please, could you stop smoking? I will never ask for any other present- not at festivals, not for birthday, not for anything.

Have a good week all- I shall try my best to keep my same-named-man juggling not get me into any trouble. More soon:)




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2 responses to “What are the chances?!

  1. Oh God! I could never swing this. I send text messages to incorrect recipients when they have different names. Good luck. I hope you pick the right one.

    • Thanks! I have gotten myself in trouble with The Scientist already… so here’s hoping I don’t mess up AGAIN.
      I hope I pick the right one eventually too- juggling 4 at the 1 time is not my style- I don’t like it 🙂

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