Ladies, beware ;)

Well, this one is for the ladies out there…

If you think a guy is trying to seduce you and has been getting his advice from the internet- then he may be thinking of popping in one of these films to get you in the mood.

Seriously, who puts these lists together? I mean, I like most of these films but would I really get in the mood with all of them, not sure? Will I have a good time, yes? Are there others I would appreciate more- maybe! I mean, if a guy is watching a chic flick with me, it is usually because he wants something- there are VERY few guys who genuinely enjoy these movies. I mean, if a friend of mine came to see Twilight with me, for example (NOT that I am likely to drag them or myself to it), I would wonder if

  • he were straight
  • he fancied me (when we are not dating)
  • he knew what the movie was about
  • he had a hidden agenda

Men, if you really want to get a girl in the mood- do something you both enjoy- she enjoys it when you are having fun too. Don’t always put us on a pedestal and treat us like porcelain!

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