Maybe I should do this?!!

This is such a cool idea- 30 dates in 30 days- though saying that, I don’t think I could do it… but seriously, Way to go Brian!

Talking of dates, I ended up texting TS today- despite every practical reason not to. Nice email conversations going so I really shouldn’t mess it up but well, he texted back. However, there was no question so I am gonna do my best to hold back but yay, got a text on a Sat night, woohoo 😉

On a completely different note, saw 2 really good thrillers as well…

  • The new Christopher Nolan film ‘Inception’ is brilliant! The Matrix of this decade, me thinks. Fabulous concept, well executed, brilliant acting, loved it all.
  • An oldie called ‘One Hour Photo’- wow! I am SO glad we use digital pics now- this stuff is scary- I know the guys who used to print my pics and now I wonder if they were psychotic!

Meeting another guy tomorrow- wonder how that will go- fingers crossed! Though I will admit if TS cuts me slack and gives us a shot, I would rather that- he is such a great guy but I suppose I should TRY and stay realistic, and not be my usual complete idealist!



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10 responses to “Maybe I should do this?!!

  1. Dee

    Can you imagine doing a date a day- that’s like NO time for yourself!

    • Am definitely tempted by the idea, to be very honest but I couldn’t because:
      – I couldn’t eat out ALL the time
      – There is only so many new people I can meet
      – I would be constantly tired

      • Dee

        But you don’t have to eat out all the time! You could do different things and you do enjoy doing new things so why not this?

      • Because enjoying meeting new people is fun when it is not forced- its the element of HAD to I wouldn’t like. I mean I am going on atleast a date a week and I am an emotional wreck based on a date I really like, what would I be like if I had a success rate of even 10%, that’s like 3 guys in a month- oh man, I would be ALL over the place.

  2. Dee

    You do have a point, it sounds like fun but I wonder what it would be like in real life.

    Did you find flaws in Inception?

    • Well, if you want to try it, I’ll do my best to support you- what part of the world are you in?

      Yes, it was not perfect- but I don’t know if the flaws are in my head or in the movie- would need to see it again to be sure- it’s a complex enough plot so maybe I didn’t pick up on some of the things. Have you seen it yourself?

      • Dee

        I am in the USA- maybe I should fly over to NYC for a date with Brian- will give you an update if I do something that silly.

        Not yet- I plan to see it. Fairly hyped so I hope I am not let down.

      • Lol! Do keep me in the loop please, yes. I would appreciate that.

        I really enjoyed the film- one of the better ones I have come across- the Matrix of this decade, I would say. Everyone has acted so well- was great to see Cillian Murphy acting again- hadn’t seen him in anything since Batman, atleast not that I can remember.

  3. Dee

    Oh yeah Cillian Murphy is from Ireland too, right?

    Well, I will hopefully get to the movie soon enough- not that fussed- may even wait for the DVD.

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