Belly button holds Sporting success!

I am not kidding.

As I sit at home, trying to recover from a bout of food-poisoning, I am browsing my favourite websites for interesting articles, random readings etc etc etc and I came across an article that tells me how the placement of the belly button is a determining factor of athletes (swimmers and runners especially).

To some extent it makes sense- it’s all about the centre of gravity and all that but when I was a runner, I was always told to imagine my centre lower and train like that so it made me quicker and more stable but I truly wonder how much is in this?

I have heard theories that say it’s the higher altitude of Kenya that gives them such amazing runners. Is there a co-relation between our genes, our environs and thus, our belly buttons placement? Is it the same theory going round in circles with a slightly different twist/ perspective?

Is there anything in all this or is it all about one’s training and one’s determination to win at the end of the day?!


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