If looks could kill…

…there would be one VERY dead man in front of me right now.

Obstinate, stubborn, close-minded idiots should all not come in my path today!

In such bad mood now- I mean, make your point but back it up scientifically- or do you expect me to stand in front of a CEO and tell him “your company sucks at XYZ because I say so”- I mean seriously, people, did you leave your brains behind?

Or wait a second, did you just never get any?

I am beginning to think it’s a case of the latter, especially if there is a girl on the other side of the table.




Filed under Management

2 responses to “If looks could kill…

  1. Roger

    It’s amazing how the simplicity of business is sometimes lost in people not using their brains. It’s all about the logic! I feel your pain.

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