April 18, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Stayed in and had some alone time 2 evenings
2. Hired a new assistant- hallelujah!
3. Walked the number of steps I said I would

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April 17, Thursday: Letter

Dear Red’s lads,

Thank you- it has been over a year since I started hanging out with you lot. Little did I know how close you would become to me individually and as a group- you have given me faith when things were tough, made me laugh when I was sad, supported both Red and me through our journey. I truly appreciate it and I absolutely love the fact that I am one of the lads. I look forward to the silliness, the madness and the friendship ahead- cannot wait to have more coffees, do more shots and basically, be the silly bunch that we are. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and thank you for being so sound.


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Don’t be…


Don't settle for less than the best

.. yeah that!


And don’t be someone’s handkerchief for when they need your shoulder for their tears.


The last few days I have been surrounded by people who just seem to want to rant or somehow, despite the amazingly beautifully sunny days, don’t want to smile! Actually, I lie- many were happy but the some tat weren’t… did my head in- enough for me to wonder if they are worth my energy at all.

Calm. Breathe. Forgive.

To all of you rubbing me the wrong way- take a deep breath and let it all out. I love you, I forgive you, I thank you and I am sorry. I am sorry and I forgive you. Go in peace.

I have used that exercise more often in the last few days than in the last few years, hehe.

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April 15, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Kinda obvious and surprising I haven’t written off this at some stage but one of my favourite memories remains of me in the Antarctica! The day I stepped on that ice for the very first time remains special and is a constant reminder of how dreams do come true.

Now my dreams have changed, they have evolved as have I but my faith in them has gotten stronger. I see around me so many dreams coming true every day- sometimes, we forget the dreams don\t always have to be lofty (I do think some of them should be though!)

All in all, my next dream is 10,000- I know this makes no sense to anyone else but me but I hope to see that number in the correct context soon.

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April 14, Monday: Gratitude

1. My blog
Having this space to rant, to vent, to b!tch, to scream, to be myself is proving to be one of the best decisions I made almost 5 years ago! It has been a wonderful place for me to hide from the physical world for a while and I am so glad for the people who have reached out to me through it, the conversations and the ability to still not be a constant moaner in real life!

2. Silliness
What is the world if not a bunch of silly moments put together? The past few days have had some very frustrating moments but the silly moments have made up for each of those- be in dancing in my jammies on my bed to being silly on prosecco or being silly by trying to sing! Either which way, I am grateful I can be and I appreciate silliness.

3. Instinct
My gut has always been something I have prided on. I have used it often, especially in business. Over the last while, the decisions I made 3-4 years are beginning to show results. Some are advantageous to me and some others are just good for my ego but I am glad that my instinct has proven to be right yet again!

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April 11, Friday: Weekly Achievements

Was unable to post on the day!

1. Tried something different for work and think it may finally be working in the way I want it to!
2. Set up a little brainstorming board for business- gonna happen every alternate Monday- thanks Shrew
3.  Survived a session where I genuinely felt it was taking more energy than it was worth!


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*RANT Alert* Overwhelmed…

… and I don’t know by what!

Why do I feel the way I do?! I truly wish I knew.

There are times I feel I am always trying to exceed my own already high expectations so much that I can’t deal with it… sometimes, I just break down and I cry.

I have had a most wonderful 48 or so hours- everything has been fabulous, good laughs, good friends, good exercise, good everything. I have had soulful conversations, brainstormed ideas, made progress on many deals and really connected with some people in my life. I have been a good friend, a good daughter, a good housemate, a good ‘boss’, a good manager, a good whatever I wanted to be.

And the best thing- everything I did, I did for me. I didn’t do anything with any expectation, with any sense of having but with a sense of wanting so then WHY, why am I sooooooo overwhelmed?! And why, am I feeling so tired, so depleted, so angry, so furious, so bereft of something?

I just don’t get it. Any explanations?!

Is it because I am trying to balance the act of wanting to go to a party, be in Galway and enjoy everything at the same time?
Is it because I am trying to organise food for a day and a half for myself when I have no time?
Is it because I am slightly furious that someone I requested a small thing from just couldn’t do it?
Is it because I sometimes feel just so bloody darned alone and lost?

Or is this that dreaded PMS they talk about?
Or is it possible to have post-natal-depression without even going through the 9 month journey?
Or is this just the down of having had such a good run?

Either way, please everyone send me a smile and a wish for all I want to be achieved. Thank you- I appreciate your support x

Lots of love.


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April 10, Thursday: Letter

Dear Biz partners,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am at a very exciting juncture in my life and I am only here because of you. Things are going extremely well- we have had a very good run, we have started something- nurtured it, cried each tear we needed to and we have built it. It is potentially the most exciting time of all of our lives individually and collectively.

I am personally very grateful to you for restoring my faith in business, increasing my confidence and making me fall in love with our industry.

Here’s to us, our small and big victories- I see a very happy future for us all!


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April 8, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

While I was parking my car outside my house today, a random gentleman came up to me and told me he always admires my car when he walks by it. For obvious reasons, it made me smile, feel good about my car and fall in love with it all over again.

Today, 3+ years on from having bought her, she still brings a smile to my face every time I see her, she still is a pleasure to drive and she still is my most prized material possession (along with my photography gear)- I am so glad I bought her when I did, despite all the naysayers, despite all the doubts, despite everything- she has been worth every moment of it and no matter how many more I spend with her, she will always remain the first set of wheels I ever bought for myself.

Thank you for the drives, Black Beauty!

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April 7, Monday: Gratitude

Right so, a week of no posts meant I was away from blogging for a while, unexpectedly- busy with work, busy with partying and busy with flu all combined make for a VERY busy Joy- I did however get into the habit of doing a daily gratitude and daily favourite  moment before going to bed (trying to get Red into the habit too- he will be hooked to it soon, I hope!).

Anyhow, my top 3 for the week:

1. Energy
We take it so for granted but when I was wiped out the last while, I realised yet again, health is one thing but clean energy around us and having the energy to enjoy everything is pretty awesome.

2. Red
We went through a bit of small hiccup there recently and when we came out at the other end, it helped me realise yet again how lucky I truly am.

3. Music
Life is so dull without good music. Good music differs for all and it rocks!

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An Unexpected Break

So, I hadn’t planned on this week long break but hey, these things happen- that’s life eh? I seem to have started on a daily favourite moment routine now too and it makes me fall asleep with a smile on my face- considering it takes 30 seconds, I think you should all do it too!

Anyway, on a different note- I am loving the idea of these 88 snacks- all under 100 calories too- now that’s a win-win situation, me thinks!

dont let bacon die

After all said and done, bacon wins!

A note on recipes I want to try:







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How do you know ‘It’s the one’?

You know, whenever I read fairytales, was told of love, it was as if you knew when it would be the one. I have never known. Maybe I haven’t found the one. Maybe I don’t believe in the one.

But I do know that for a good strong relationship, there is one really good sign and that is when one doesn’t have to explain or justify the other person’s methods/ moves/ comments etc.

When I was with JR- his not talking to me for 3 days- I explained it by saying he was busy.
When I was with TL- his lack of willingness to spend- I explained by claiming he earned in INR and me in EUR.
When I was with SL- his lack of wanting to fly to India- I explained through lack of funds- though he could go around South America!
See a pattern?
Not saying Red is the one but saying that being with Red has made me realise that love is truly about accepting the other person, completely unconditionally!

My tips for knowing you have a good one:
1. Acceptance
2. Respect
3. Pride- pride in showing them off
4. Happiness- their happiness increases your happiness.

be yourself


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March 28 and March 31

The past few days have been insanely busy, crazy and full of me trying to recover.

I am gonna skip this post as I have 30 letters of gratitude to write anyway. Hope you are all doing well and lots of love to you x

about themselves

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March 27, Thursday: Letter

Dear Shrew,

When I think of you this week, I am only filled with warmth and amazement- I finally see you in action and it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the same team.

For us to roll the 2 phases of best friends and team members is amazing and I am delighted we are managing the way we are and are the friends we are. You are an absolute star and inspiration.

Best of luck tomorrow.

Lots of love,

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March 25, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

You know when I try to pick a moment to write about every week, I go through a rolodex of memories and never know which one to pick.

However, as I spent 6 hours on my feet taking multiple photographs today, I was reminded of the first time I ran a stall at a school fete to raise funds to buy books for children with families below the poverty line.

I remember that feeling of fatigue, that feeling of ‘why am I doing this’, that feeling of misery till I remembered the bigger picture, the good I was performing, the education I was helping spread… when I look back now, we had loads of fun in those fetes- they ere a highlight of our winter plans and the volunteering was a great way to teach us balance!

No matter what we do, there is a reason for it and that is what keeps fatigue at bay!


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Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

If you just imagined the scene from the diner in ‘When Harry Met Sally’, you are on the right track!

Love yourself.


If you don’t, why would someone else? Yup, others have said it, others will say it and it’s true- go on, be kind to that body!

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March 24, Monday: Gratitude

1. Being on someone’s gratitude list
It’s nice to know that one has an impact on someone’s life enough that you are on their gratitude list. I am grateful for them being grateful of me- all too complicated ;)

2. My set of lads
I have 2 sets of friends where the core gang is all boys and I am the only girl. One such gang celebrated 10 years of a pact we made- I realised yet again how lucky I am!

3. Health
As the weather fluctuates and I feel not so great, it is a reminder yet again that we should be grateful for our health!

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Models & Systems

Today, I was listening to a talk given by a friend’s friend on creating your own world and bubble and he stressed on 2 aspects: Models and Systems of living.

My notes below- doubt they make sense to anyone else!

Models for living:

Create your own
Make your own beliefs
Find a way you believe yourself and not something defined by others!

Systems for living:

Re-living the good moments at night
Lucid dreaming- exposes you to new aspects
Consciousness Engineering
Envisioning method

Focus on your understanding and beliefs on Abundance, Relationship, Health

I suggest signing up with http://www.MindValley.com to understand this aspect more.

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March 21, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Made a BIG decision towards a certain investment I cannot wait to make and announce
2. I made peace with some of my money beliefs- thanks Mindvalley
3. Partied as if there was no tomorrow yet again! Loved it but don’t wanna do it again for another while :/ Age, eh? ;)

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March 20, Thursday: Letter

Dear Baby Bro,

Happy birthday!
I still remember when you were born so many years ago- your dad has just arrived back in the country and made it to welcome  you just as you came out of the womb! I recall the nicknames we gave you, the ones you liked and the ones you didn’t. I recall our dreams of making you a Don- hehe. I recall your childhood better than you probably do- especially for the number of times you messed up my homework!

Thank you for the love you have always given me, thank you for the warm hugs you give me, thank you for the excitement you share with me, thank you for all the gossip you give me, thank you for being my babiest brother, my cutie pie and the apple of my eye.

Love you loads,
Joy didi.

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Make me some money

So, according to my money guru- Denise Duffield Thomas (Congrats on the baby, by the way!), here’s what I need to do:

Deal with my money stuff
- I will never have enough
- I shouldn’t be seen to be rich
- I shouldn’t come across successful
- Certain people can’t handle my success

Write down what I need
- I need enough for the investment I want to make for my business (€22,000)
- I need enough for the investment I need to make in the next 3 months (€15,000. Off which €10,500 should come to me soon)
- I need enough for the investment in India (€8,000)
- I need enough to feel comfortable to make a certain move I want (€40,000)
Total: 85,000 by March 31, 2014

Acknowledge everything I make
I will acknowledge everything that comes in, including the 10,500 that is owed to me!

Take Action
- Talk to some more people about it
- Run a new ad campaign on fb
- Run a new ad campaign on twitter
- Get an investor in
- Speak to the bank
- Get PR
- Do up a new marketing plan
- Get all the debts cleared
- Start making the steps towards the dream- Steal a bank! (Kidding!!!!)
- Speak to PE
- Speak to angel investors
- Consider talking to one of Red’s mates
- Create a new board with Red’s mother
- Work on the feminine angle
- Find synergies with other companies

This is my time and I am ready for it!

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Animal in bed, eh?

What it really means….

An animal in bed(I love it!!)

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Mar 17, Monday: Gratitude & Mar 18, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment


Post party ‘fear’ hugs, pre party calm down chats, long romantic drives, effort to find me colours etc etc etc- the list goes on, I am lucky to have him. I am glad I have him.

Sometimes, you got to appreciate a weekend away! It makes for good chats, good company, rejuvenation and good times!

New Experiences
The joy of a new experience- whether to be repeated or not is completely immaterial! To experience it is the important thing :)

Beautiful Moment:

This weekend, I spent a good bit of time talking to one of Red’s bestfriends- we talked of aspects we hadn’t before, we discussed spirituality, we discussed God, we discussed atheism, we discussed relationships, we discussed friendships- we had a good chat and we were able to re-connect on many levels. I love meeting new people and more importantly, I love getting to know them as friends.

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Random experimentation!

So the other day I had friends over for dinner. I had a simple but pretty darn amazing menu:

Main: Seeded Fish

I bought the fish fileted and used cod to bring out the fresh flavours
I cut it into chunky pieces so as to coat more surface than not
In a big tray, I spread some ginger-garlic paste, seeds (chia or flax and sesame) and almond flour
In a big bowl, I whipped an egg

Dip the fish in the egg, roll all sides in the spread out paste and cook on all sides till golden brown on a hot pan.

Sauce: Salsa verde a la Joy

In a bowl, mix coriander, avocado, scallions, pepper, green chilli and lemon- ideally, make it a few hours earlier.
Dish it on top of the cooked fish on the plate

Side 1: Herbed Potatoes

In a baking tray, spread some butter
Spread the herbs you want to use on top of it
Spread any other seasoning you may want
Roughly chop potatoes to the right size, rough chop shallots
Mix everything together and squeeze a little lemon on it all
Cover with foil and cook in the oven for 20 minutes at 180C
Remove foil, add some more butter and cook for a further 7 mins
Dish on the side of the plate and eat

Side 2: Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

In a different baking dish, mix balsamic vinegar, basil and a very minimal amount of garlic paste
Remove tomatoes from the stem and roll them in the baking tray
Bash them into the oven for less than 5 minutes so they retain their shape but are nice and hot to eat
Serve on the plate with the cod and potatoes

Side 3: Sauteed Greens

One of my favourites- asparagus, mangetout, beans, yellow peppers, spinach

In a frying pans, heat butter and add some garlic
Once garlic starts to brown, throw in all the washed veg but not the spinach
Sprinkle some pepper, add some lime and lemon
Cook till it is not soft but it is still edible
With water still not dry, add the spinach for a brief moment to avoid it wilting but to let it get hot
Mix all together and dish it on to the plate

There you go- totes simple. Enjoy!

Dessert- Strawberry/ Coconut/ Chocolate Surprise

2x walnuts, 1x soaked dates
Blend till smooth, press on the bottom of the bowl and freeze

Strawberry layer:
Marinate the strawberries in balsamic vinegar and honey- make enough to make 2 layers
Use half to layer the base in any pattern

3x soaked cashews, .5x coconut oil, .5x agave
Blend until smooth
Whip till its got a good soft consistency
Throw in some chocolate chips or add some chocolate in the mixture or both
Layer on top of the strawberries

.5x cocoa, .5 coconut oil, .3x agave
Mix all together till silky, lump free and glossy
Layer on top of the cake
Cover it with the rest of the strawberries

Freeze the whole cake for 2 hours at least- thaw before serving and though there are very good ingredients, remember nuts are full of (good but still) fat so eat small portions!


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Mar 14, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Hosting a party after ages- tonight, so better scoot!
2. Making a beautiful meal in my own home and having hosted a lovely dinner party
3. Starting a journey that could change my life in more ways than one- actually a few starts this year!

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Clearing the random stuff off the laptop…

Homemade wax for hair removal!

homemade waxAffirmations


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Mar 13, Thursday: Letter

Dear Goofy

You have been a fixture in my life- at some distance for the past 15 years. We keep in touch, we care for each other, we like each other and yet we keep a certain distance- we share an odd bond that many people find surprising but it works for us.

We have had our own share of adventures in life- we have always been a little different and shared a common understanding which has gotten better with time.

I am glad we are friends- I know we are at an odd cusp- one I fear has the potential to either make us a lot stronger or completely end this friendship and my instinct is for the former.

Here’s to you, to our friendship and to it getting even stronger.


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Mar 12, Wednesday: Future

There are so many things I want to do and achieve in life!

After many days, I am going to try capture a few on paper:
1. Upgrade my car by June 2015- yes, I am planning ahead but this one is for certain reasons
2. Replace an item I don’t have anymore- vague on paper but I know what I mean and I think I have found the right replacement too
3. Consider the next stage of my life- do I want to get married? do I want kids? When do they all work with my life.
4. Plan holidays- I need some adventures ahead of me
5. Travel Europe again
6. My company is now doing well and I want it to do even better so I can have a steadier (& bigger) income
7. Sell my photographs to fund my holidays
8. Design, build my dream house
9. Inspire others
10. Be the best human being I can be to the best of my knowledge

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Mar 11, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I was out for a meeting today, bumped into another friend and realised she wanted me to come lecture on her course!

It got me thinking back to September 5 and how the final year school students run the school for a day- I was over the moon to be representing my favourite English teacher to a bunch of young teens- exciting times! I still remember the black and red saree I wore, the skinny arms I had and the fun we all had playing teacher for a day!

Not one for being a teacher, I do enjoy the odd lecture every so often! I am glad I got to step into the shoes of a teacher for a day though- it’s kinda cute still seeing the little ones get ready and go out feeling their power for a day every year.

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Mar 10, Monday: Gratitude

Ability to have fun
You know, when you can find happiness in simple pleasures and make your own fun, it is amazing- be it in a room full of people you know or at a wedding where you know no one. Being able to have fun is important to me and I am glad I can.

Ability to afford things
Last night, on an impulse, I doubled my planned budget for something I wanted and the fact I could do with little or no consequence is pretty darn awesome!

My independence means a lot to me and I am so glad I have it, can afford it and know how to enjoy it! And I am glad I haven’t had to lose a lot of it by being in a relationship with Red.

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Mar 7, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Signed a new deal- trial deal it may be but a deal it is! Here’s hoping it gives us the results we need.
2. Got a night in with myself in my own sweet house
3. Caught up with a friend in the other part of the world after ages!

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Mar 6, Thursday: Letter

Dear Colleague,

We have never worked together yet we feel like we have. It started off as two people meeting at the same event due to circumstances and then because we were both sole traders, we kept bumping into one another and started using each other as sounding boards. Now our paths have diverged but we still do hot chocolates, icecream when the weather allows, lunches, food and always make plans for cocktails!

I am delighted we are friends- if for  no other reason then for the sort of texts we shared today which made us laugh, smile and get excited about seeing each other next week!

Cannot wait to catch up!

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An inner beauty



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Mar 4, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Today, I was doing a little bit of work on one of my business blogs and I got the most number of likes any of our posts have had!

It reminded me of when I started this blog- little did I know I would have 300+ followers or almost 16,000 views per day- sometimes I consider making this more me and taking it public but I think I will lose the honesty and the space for my rants. I do love this blog and I am truly appreciative of all the emails and the love all of you provide- there have been times I have been shown support from far flung places and corners of the world I wouldn’t have imagined.

This blog has been my strength, my place to hide, my place to shout at the world, my place to scream at certain individuals, my place to love, my place to hope and my place to be me- thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey and making me re-live the first comment, the first like, the first email I ever received from here!


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Mar 3, Monday: Gratitude

Every so often I have to thank Red for just being so wonderful- wonderfully able to drive me nuts and bring me back down to reality too :) Thank you, my love.

Me time
Having my house all to myself- no dog, no housemates, no partner, no guests and just some me time is something I truly enjoy and cherish when I get it!

I am lucky- simple as!

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Feb 28, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Signed a contract I had been working on
2. Woke up pre 8am 3/5 days- unlike me
3. Managed to meditate when I said I would

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Those Ugh moments you can’t decipher…

There was moments, rare but still, moments that make me angry, furious, depressed, peeved off, p!ssed off, confused all rolled into one and right now is one of them!

Its started last night- I don’t know if it was because I am on a downer from the brilliant news I got yesterday or if it me just being prissy or feeling neglected or me being homesick but I am in an odd phase and I wish I knew what to do- I have jumped, I have meditated, I have read a whole book, I have watched sh!te telly and I am still having the moment I can’t decipher.

Here’s to the rest of the day being better and the weekend being awesome. Love to you all!

Brilliant Sandwich

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Feb 27, Thursday: Letter

Dear Ladies

As we realised yesterday, this year, we are officially old- we have been a gang of 5 for 10 years! Yes, 10 glorious years of dancing, laughing, eating, drinking, crying and being together. We have stood by each other through thick and thin- you are my strengths and I adore each one of you. But more importantly, we have itched and ached to share each piece of those happy moments with each other before we told anyone else. We have tried various combinations to try and meet up- often unsuccessfully. As life happens, we have less time but not less love. I love each one of you individually, I love the additions to our gang and most important I love us and what we stand for.

Here’s to us dancing into the wee hours in the years to come.


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Winnie, looking at you!

For you Winnie- have a fabulous holiday!

Behind a successful womanMiss you loads and love you loads more xxx

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Feb 25, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Almost three years ago I bought my first car.

It was not the first car I owned or the first car I drove but it was the first car I bought for myself. And I didn’t buy your usual starter cars, I went straight for the big league even if I was the smallest player in the form of a very starter model of a sports car.

The pride, the sense of achievement I felt was amazing and the fact that it still makes me smile every single I see it makes me extremely happy and makes me realise I must have done something right :)

Here’s to owning more such items that make me happy- materialistic it may be, emotional it sure is!

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it’s been a while… Feb 24 Monday: Gratitude

Self security
I am not even sure this is a term but it is that secure feeling within oneself. I am so glad I have it. When I hang out with others with a lot of the insecurity, I feel it even more!

My near & dear ones
I survived bringing Red to India, spending a whole fortnight with him, introducing him to all my family… I am lucky to have the people in my life that I do!

Sense of Fulfilment
Yup, I was being interviewed recently for my trip to the Antarctic and felt that rush of achievement and fulfilment yet again. An amazing feeling that I wish more people can enjoy!

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Happy Valentine’s!

To all of you!

love youYup, I do.

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Being in Love

The other day, one of my many aunts and I were having a conversation on love. She said the 5 things that define long term love are:

- do we like each other’s natural smells?
- do we have fun together?
- do we still want to spend time with each other after a whole load of 24/7s?
- do we know each other’s irritating habits and can we tolerate each other when the other one is angry/ emotional/ irrational?
- do we have a similar value base?

While that may be the practical 5 step guide, I think a simple test is doing something that makes the other person happy a way of making yourself happy? If so, you are in love…

falling in love

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Totally agree- the uber man!

All- read!


or if that link doesn’t work, it is copied here too:


Men, this is what we women want. (Red- go figure it out)
Women, if you don’t agree, please tell me why!

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January 28 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

You know today my mum dragged me to an astrologer who told me I would have multiple marriages! So I asked him to expand on that and he explained that it meant I would have more than one lover (not necessarily simultaneously- I never have!).

This got me thinking back to my first time. I was older than most in my peer group and I was embarrassed of my lack of experience but I am glad I went through with it when I did- it was a beautiful experience then and is still a beautiful experience. My aunt gave me the best advice ever- “It’s genuinely a beautiful and very natural thing if you do it with someone you love!”

Advice from my experience:
- Don’t do it unless you are truly ready and want to do it
- Don’t bow down to society pressure
- Enjoy each moment of it!
- Experiment
- If you are an emotional wreck like me, avoid one night stands
- Lose yourself in the moment
- Don’t force it- let it happen naturally
AND most importantly, truly experience an orgasm- trust me, you will know when you feel it spasm through your body and take your breath away while making you feel more alive than ever!

Be safe and enjoy x

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Jan 27 Monday: Gratitude

Catch up on Jan 24 achievements:
- Managed to meet most people I wanted to before I flew out
- Packed everything in time with all the shopping I had to do
- Bagged 2 deals I hadn’t completely

Today I cooked a massive meal for some of my Indian friends despite all the issues of not knowing kithcen, not having everything, improvising etc etc etc and it was fantabulous- I especially loved my fudge brownie- gorgeous as it could be!

At the end of the day, nothing is more exciting than using your brain. Over the past few days, I have really had to optimise on certain areas and it has been handy to have a sharp brain!

Nothing, nothing, nothing more glorious than a glass of bubbly in the sun with good friends around you!

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So While I Travel…

I may have the net but unlikely to blog loads so stay happy, people!

Lots of love.

Travel = teetering in the unknown

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Jan 23 Thursday: Letter

Dear Good Guy & Wife,

You are one of the best couples I have seen in my life- so well suited, so happy and so loving. Individually, you are amazing people and together, you are awesome too- never do you make someone else feel like a third wheel and never do you feel that everything has to be done together. Thank you for being 2 of the people I automatically think of in the moment of need, people I think of when I want to just be myself, people I think of when I want to have fun.

You are so warm and so inviting- please stay that way. And keep giving me them warm hugs.

I am SO very glad we are friends and hope we remain so for a good long time ahead of us.

Much love,

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Cheese Alert- this may be a bit over the top!

How can this not make one’s day go better:

photo.PNGAnd it just makes one feel happier and so loved. Well… we all want that feeling!

So Red, this is for you:

better person without changing youThank you for making me want to be better (even if I still don’t wanna do the dishes!) and for making me feel like the luckiest girl alive.

I hope everyone can experience love like this at some stage of their lives :)

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Jan 21 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I am so glad I do this exercise every week cos it’s actuallyt ough to just sit back and remember something without a trigger.

Today, I am going to remember my first pair of heels.

I have had an inate love for heels ever since I was a kid. I remember the first pair I ever wore were my mum’s- she hated me for it- they were your classic 80s style heels- even if Louboutin do a similar pair now:

white heelsI remember feeling so feminine, so cool and so sexy for having a pair!
I remember walking in them, badly.
I remember dancing in them.

And since then, there has been a love affair between heels and me…. I love heels. So much so, the other day Red said “Joy was made for wearing heels”.

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