Oct 23, Thursday: Letter

Dear Spartacus,

I can’t wait to give you a hug and kick you simultaneously tomorrow! It’s been crazy that we haven’t caught up in 4 years and I am really looking forward to sharing conversations, creating new memories, having a laugh and just being our silly selves again.

I can’t believe we have now been friends for 15 and what a fun/ odd journey it has been- from hanging out of cars to midnight drives to early morning omelettes to tubing to spiderman and whatever else.

See you soon!


PS I am going off grid for the next few days guys as I get away from the internet and enjoy the real world for a while!

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If this Diwali…

… you take away one lesson, let it be:

Hating is a waste of timeHappy Diwali x


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Oct 21, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Years ago, I used to genuinely adore this Bollywood actor- not cos he could have been a pin-up, not cos he was such a gentleman but because he always did roles that had a meaning or he made you laugh, he always demanded respect for his talent and not his wealth.

The day I met him for a brief 5 minus and got a hug and thank you for him for my words, I was on cloud 9!!

Today, another such person reached out to me- I have yet to meet her but to know I have a potential coffee waiting with her is exciting and I am really looking forward to it!

Thank you for such wonderful memories, world x

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Oct 20, Monday: Gratitude

I am off to see a friend of mine this weekend, the weekend after I am away again for another friend’s birthday, the weekend after Red and I are heading away to spend a day with room service and telly, the weekend after we are away seeing friends… it is amazing how much short travel I am getting in my life while I keep craving a new country and culture. I am glad I am at least getting the travel I am.

The past while, I have been trying to clean up my eating habits and get better at eating healthy- tricky it may be but it makes me feel great and I am loving the extra energy!

Meeting People
I don’t mean the close friends and family but the ones you see on the street to say hello to, the ones you keep meaning to catch up with and the ones you are meeting for the first time. Seeing people again and meeting new people is such a joy.

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Oct 17, Friday: Weekly Achievements

- Kicked off a few interesting projects
– Met one of my favourite people for coffee
– Survived 2 weeks of my clean living diet and am absolutely loving it!

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Oct 16, Thursday: Letter

Dear little lady

When you came in to my life, we were working on the same project. We didn’t really have a chance to get to know one another… till one fine day, while having coffee at The Shrews, we started talking and you offered help. The next thing you knew, the three of us were seeing each other regularly and we became thick friends… Today, I count you amongst my closest pals and think you are one of the kindest, nicest, genuine people I have ever had the luck of knowing.

Stay the way you are and keep smiling, always!


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Oct 14, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I suffer from a terrible auto-immune disease called eczema. For the most part, I know how to keep it under control.

I thought I was doing a good job till I saw it everywhere on my chest and upper half of the body- over the next wile, I am going to cleanse my eating habits and clear the itch or so I hope. I am going to change shampoos and cleaners etc but the more interesting thing is that I was reading about it and apparently, it is connected to ‘loving oneself’.

Here, I thought I was doing really well- regular massages, good food, exercise, love, friends, working for self and genuinely enjoying life but obviously, somewhere I am lying to myself.

As I realise this, I also realise I have had many beautiful moments of realisation over the years and each one has been amazingly special:

- realisation that something is awesome in my life
– realisation I needed a change at certain times
– realisation of good friends and not so good
– realisation of love and respect
– realisation of happiness

All these realisations sometimes open a scary door but it always leads to a better path and eventually, forms a beautiful moment.

Happy Tuesday!

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Oct 13. Monday: Gratitude

1. Survival
After hosting yet another amazing party over the weekend, I am delighted that I managed to live another day- the instinct to curl up and never move again was very high but the survival instinct even more so!

2. Emotions
Tears, happiness, laughter, pain- all emotions, many more exist and the ability to feel them is pretty darn awesome!

3. Dependence
To be able to depend on someone is a fairly fabulous feeling. To have others depend on you even more. To recognise the importance of dependence is a lesson that took me forever to learn and one I am glad I eventually did!

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Oct 10, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Went to the cinema for the first time in ages
2. Started off a new health regime that seems to be going well, if reducing my ability to drink!
3. Tried some new things in work that will hopefully be a good gamble- fingers crossed!!

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Oct 9, Thursday: Letter

Dear Jiju’s Saali,

You came into my life many months ago- initially I was vary of you, you kept pushing, I met out of courtesy, you kept charming, I started initiating, you stayed charming and somewhere along the way, I realised how stupid I was for not having realised what a wonderful friend, what a beautiful person and how insane you really are. I am absolutely delighted we are friends- be it the movies, the coffees, the walking plans, the health regimes we break, the dinners, the parties, the slagging or just, laughing… you are absolutely brilliant and I hope you never change in your exuberance or your optimism. May you always be larger than life and may we always remain friends.

Love you loads,

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Oct 7, Tues: A Beautiful Moment

I am late catching up on this as I was busy catching up with people in the real world.

I was reminded today of a beautiful Sunday last year in the summer when a friend I rarely see but enjoy great conversations with and I went walking up the beautiful Glendalough mountains and had a few drinks to just have a good time and enjoy the sunshine.

Moments like these are special and make me realise how lucky we truly are to enjoy this beautiful world.

Here’s to many more!

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Oct 6, Monday: Gratitude

1. The Shrew
She is one of those unexpected friends who becomes a pillar without you realising the transition. She has been a partner in crime for stupidity, she has been a mentor for work when needed, she has funded me when I was short, she has laughed with me till we have had tears rolling down our eyes and she has shared many a special moment that I will cherish. Thank you, Shrew.

2. Communication
Every so often, there is a miscommunication and every so often, that causes further issues. I am glad to be able to communicate with those that matter!

3. Festivals
It’s festival season in India and it’s not that we need an excuse to party, just that it’s good to have it! It’s a good time to take stock, take a moment and reconnect with all.

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For those who slag me for my love of meditation….

meditation… see, see, see!




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Oct 3, Friday: Weekly Achievements

Happy Dusshera all!

1. Not cried out of homesickness
2. Delivered an order than could lead to huge things
3. Caught up on some much needed silly telly!

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Oct 2, Thursday: Letter

There are 2 letters today- neither people I have met but people who influenced me.

Dear Bapu,

You are the father of my nation. You have been an inspiration to all. You have shown us the path in the past and in your name, many a path is still forged today. I admire your courage those decades ago, I admire your dedication and I salute you in leading India to independence.

Happy Birthday.


For the day that it is- well, tomorrow is Dussehra so…

Dear Laxmi,

Thank you for your support. Thank you for the wealth you have provided so far and thank you for what you will provide. You have been generous and ensured I have always had food and a roof- more than many people can say. For the next 3 weeks, I am gambling huge- gambling with calculated risks in business, gambling with ideas and gambling with cards- please support me, please help me and please let them pay off. I lost two years ago, financially but I won in love, as the saying goes. This year, I have the love, I need the push in business and would really appreciate it.

Looking forward to your visit on Diwali- I am sorry I will be away but my home will be left open for you.

With gratitude and love,

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Sep 30, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

A friend of mine called me today- I haven’t spoken to him in 3 years at least but then he and I are like that- we have a blast when together, we keep in minimal contact and we are just always the best of mates.

We are now planning a weekend away in October since he will only be a few hours away.

Last time I saw him was in Laos when I was doing South East Asia. The 3 days of spending time with him, the 3 days of pure alcoholism, the 3 days of sharing great stories, the 3 days of tubing, the 3 days of slagging, the 3 days of laughter make for a great memory and I am so glad to have a friend like that and I am so excited about the prospect of seeing him again at the end of the month.

I so hope the trip works out!

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Sep 29, Monday: Gratitude

1. Health
Being sick last week really took it out of me and I realised, once again, how important health is and how lucky we are!

2. Family
Yesterday I met a whole load of Red’s family for the first time. It reminded me of mine and I am so lucky to have mine and so lucky to be with someone who cares so much about his.

3. Love
The love of a dog, the love of a friend, the love of a parent, the love of a partner, the love we feel, the love that we have, the love.

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Sep 25, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Started focussing on certain priorities a lot more
2. Changed my eating habits to make practically no exceptions for meat
3. Despite the flu, met certain goals and managed to be kind to myself- the rare moment of balance

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Men ARE from a different planet

Proven FACT, today.

I drive ALL the way to see Red in a tiny village where I have no other vested interest to not be greeted with hugs and “let me look after you since you are sick” but “I am off to the pub, have fun”.


If I was not so damn sniffly and scared of crashing the car, I would almost certainly have driven home tonight.

Hopping mad!!!!

If I needed to watch telly/ work/ read a book, I could have saved fuel, saved time, eaten something I like to eat, caught up with friends and stayed at home!

Men. Idiots. Fact.

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Sep 25, Thursday: Letter

To everyone who has ever rubbed me the wrong way

I am sorry. This letter is to apologise for me being an idiot, for me being immature and for me focusing on myself.

I realise now I was being high up on my moral ground or some other ground and looking down at you potentially. I realise something else was upsetting me and you were an easy target. I realise I expect certain standards and believe everyone else has the same focus. I realise I may not have even meant it but I managed to hurt you.

And I realise you may have had exactly the same thing at the time you upset me.

I want to let this be my public apology to all, whether they know who I am, whether they read me here or not- I apologise, I am sorry and I forgive you.

Thank you- thank you for teaching me this lesson, thank you for having had an impact to my life and thank you for letting me add some to yours.

Love to all,

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Keep them alive!

Dreams, I mean.

keep your dreams alive

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Sep 23, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

About 2.5 years ago, I was trying to start a new business (it never got legs!) and was therefore meeting a lot of influential people as part of it.

One of those meetings took me to a lunch meeting with a very high powered CEO who was also an ex-AIESECer I had never met.

What was meant to be a one hour chat, ended up being a 3 hour conversation with loads of ideas, lots of thoughts and a whole load of fun discussions that have since led to a strong friendship, a working relationship and a mentoring aspect.

I am absolutely delighted that a simple email could open up so much! I was on a high that day from the lunch and I am on a high today on the memory.

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Sep 22, Monday: Gratitude

1. Spontaneity
I love it when a last minute plan falls into place. Yesterday, I woke up to a day of lounging and movies but ended up walking in the sun, discussing property and having dinner with one of my favourite people. Love it :)

2. Belief
When one has as much on the line as I do, belief is important. Every time it wavers a little, I am glad I get it back too! Here is to me achieving the goals I have written down. Here’s to me kicking a$$!

3. A Good Party
Every so often, one needs a good party- Friday night with friends for dinner and movie, Saturday afternoon for cake and ice-cream and Saturday night for madness- boo yeah, life rocks!

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Sep 19, Fri: Weekly Achievements

1. Spent some time with Red and rode my bike
2. Ate fairly well all week- whoop!
3. Some really good business leads- some scary but all exciting!

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Sep 18, Thursday: Letter

Dear M

We went on a date many moons ago, we kept in touch, we talked loads, we shared gossip and news, we discussed politics and cars, we drank coffee and rum, we walked, we laughed and somehow, we became really good buddies.

It’s been great knowing you, having you as a friend, sharing some amazing moments together and I am excited about us being able to spend more time together in the future.

Thanks for your faith in my work, in me and always making me laugh when I need a giggle and when all else fails, getting me drunk!


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Yummy brownies!

Last night, I was making myself some brownies to use up all the chocolate in the house so I wouldn’t keep munching on it! Absolutely delish!!!

Grated sweet potato- 2 cups
All the chocolate pieces you can find or cocoa- 2 cups (because of all this you don’t need sugar)
2 eggs
3 tbsp coconut flour and same amount coconut oil
A pinch of vanilla extract and a pinch of baking powder

Mix well, bake for 25 mins at 180 degrees, let cool and cook through- eat warm.

Comment if you make this and are as in love with it as I am.

PS: Even tried making grated sweet potato and cheese pancakes- they are delicious too- try them!

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Sep 16, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

A few days ago, I caught up with some friends after a very long time:

3 for the first in over a decade
1 after 6 years
2 after 5

A few weeks, I had seen another friend after 12 years too!

It is such a fantastic feeling to talk about old days, walk down the memory lane and then also create new ones. I love the fact that even after so many years, I have the ability to hang out with these people and enjoy their company!

Lucky, lucky me. x

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Sep 15, Monday: Gratitude

1. Facebook
Odd one, I know but yes, grateful for all its evils, it lets me catch up with many friends after many years! Many paths would never have crossed again if it weren’t for the joys of this time-consuming website!

2. Break
A good break, the wind in the hair, the sun on your face, the copious cocktails, the many delicious dishes, the happiness from all the laughter, the feeling of joy and just the refreshing feeling of a good break!

3. Cleanliness
I never thought I was a Monica (from Friends) but as I get older, the more I like things in their places, everything tidy and a house to call home and be proud of! I look forward to being in my own place someday soon.

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Sep 4, Thursday: Letter

Dear DDT

I don’t really know you, I don’t have any relationship with you but I love the advice you give, the way you keep pushing me, the way you share your experiences.

Thank you. I love you, I forgive, I thank you, I am sorry.


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In the last 30 days!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 05.19.57


Pretty darn awesome for a random blog. Amazed at you all for reading my rambles- thanks!


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Sep 2, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Many years ago, Tigger and I were coming back from a party in a taxi just before we embarked on our adventure around Peru and Ecuador. I remember her turning to me, giving me a hug and telling me how much she loved me, cared for me and how I was her closest friend.

Over the years, we became closer, and then we drifted apart, we had our differences but we patched them away. We may have both gone through our phases of not being the happiest with our friendship but times like yesterday, times like the moment in the car, times like sipping pisco sours on the boat in the galapagos remind me of what we have shared.

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Sep 1, Monday: Gratitude

1. Hugs
I heart hugs. I heart good hugs. Having people who give me good hugs in my life is an awesome thing and I am so glad I have such people around me.

2. Friends and Family
Been a while since I said how lucky I am to have these peeps in my life!

3. Wind in the Hair
The feeling of wind in the hair, the feeling of free-ness, the feeling of joy… yes, yes, yes!

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Aug 29, Fri: Weekly Achievements

1. Started  on a huge path of thanking people who have upset me and recognising their efforts in making me the person I am today
2. A couple of fantastic orders in work that were totally unexpected!
3. Am almost ready for the holidays starting next week.

I might have intermittent updates for the next while peeps- apologies!

Have fun and stay happy xxx

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Aug 28, Thursday: Letter

Dear Jingles

When I first met you, I wasn’t sure you were the right person for my brother. You went on to convince me otherwise.

You then went on to become a good friend to me too. However, somewhere along the path, we diverged, for all the right reasons.

Recently you said something to me that hurt me deeply- it was beyond nasty and it showed the streak in you that I always suspected.

I thank you for bringing happiness to my brother’s life, I thank your for teaching me to trust my gut, I thank you for the civility we accord each other and I thank you for keeping your distance from me.

All the best. Love,

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Often, we take emotion for granted.
Often, we ignore the importance of emotion.
Most important, we refuse to acknowledge the impact of emotion on our body.

Good emotion lets us recover quickly, makes us happy, is good for health and lowers stress levels.
Conversely, the bad emotion brings us down and has a very strong negative impact on all levels.

I hadn’t realised how much I needed to nurture my soul again till I moved houses, changed the way I work, had some dates with myself and realised how certain things are just so important to me:

- finer things in life that are enjoyed, not abused
– cleanliness- messy is different to dirt
– soulful things- I had gotten back into the habit of doing a lot of things
– leading by the heart- every so often I need to let the head lose
– relaxing- putting my feet up, watching a movie, reading a book, having a good cup of hot chocolate- all these things are just so important and nice :)

It’s amazing how one tiny change opens up so much!

be soft

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Aug 26, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Years ago, I was in Canada with 600 odd other people. Some of them became good friends, others and I kept in touch thanks to Facebook and few of us have become good friends. Recently I met one of those people and it was so good to be sipping coffee one saturday afternoon, swapping stories of then and sharing experiences of the now. There was no awkwardness, there was no oddness, there was just a simple shared understanding of a global world and the issues of keeping in regular contact, there was just pure friendship.

I love the memories from 12 years ago and I love the memory I made on Saturday.

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Aug 25, Monday: Gratitude

1. Hosting 
A party, a dinner, a cup of tea- whatever it may be, I like to host and I like to be able to host it with grace and class. I like giving people good things to eat/ drink and I want to make sure everyone has a good time!

2. Sex
A necessity. Enough said.

3. Possibilities
Every couple of days, one realises how many possibilities there truly exist and I am glad to say I can take advantage of so many! I love it and am glad to have this sense of optimism, the knack to recognise the opportunities and the ability to dream of the possibilities!

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Date with Self

Today, I cancelled on various different plans. Plans so I could spend some time with ME.

I was feeling cranky, a little tired and just in need to some TLC- I had a long bath, cooked myself a lovely salmon meal and finally indulged in Nutella with Butlers Hot Chocolate followed by a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

Sometimes, it’s got be done.

Here’s to having had 3 days with myself this week- what an amazing feeling! :)

you are amazing

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Aug 22, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. 2 fabulously healthy and tasty meals
2. 3 days of over 10,000 steps walked
3. Certain deadlines for work met!

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Winds of Change

I feel the winds of change blowing- don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how. I don’t know the details but…

I feel a shift- a shift towards a more peaceful me
I feel a calmness- a calm that is not pre storm but the calm of positivity
I feel an excitement- an excitement of what is coming
I feel content- content knowing I have done my best and the future is exciting as can be

I am impatient, I am like a kid waiting for their birthday presents, I want the changes, I want to feel the wind and I am really really really looking forward to it!


Did I say really?! ;) I truly, really AM! Woohoo!

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Aug 21, Thursday: Letter

Dear Intern

Thanks for being a part of my life. We both hoped this would have worked better but alas, chest la vie. I am glad in the process we became good friends and I hope to continue that.

Thanks for your help, thanks for your honesty and thanks for your energy!

I wish you luck with your endeavours.


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Aug 19, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Years ago, not sure how, Freud and I started our little bi-annual tradition of me taking him shopping to fix his wardrobe! Now bear in mind, he is a very fashion conscious young man and I well, know nothing, of fashion but he seems to think I understand style so well…

Anyhow, there was this one time- he was under pressure to get an outfit for a wedding and I was very keen to read a book so every time he went into the changing rooms to change, I used to sit in a cubicle (if it wasn’t very busy, obviously!) reading my book. It was a fun day trying to operate between the two worlds and I am so glad I did it- where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I only hope I have similar energy later today when I need to catch up on work!

:) Happy tuesday, all.

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Aug 18, Monday: Gratitude

1. Adventures
Life without adventures makes for no fun- be it a day trip to get a view from a lighthouse and a tour of a haunted house to making up a dish with absolutely no experience in it or anything!

2. Budgetting
To plan financially ahead, to take charge of my life and to be able to get the most with very little compromise.

3. Good Housemates
Yes, they have faults but after a few not so great experiences, it is nice to be with some fun people again!

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India/ Pak Independence Days

Aug 14, Letter

Dear Matryoshka,

When I first met, I was excited about what you meant for my friend but the more I got to know you, the less I cared for you. The more we talked, the less I respected you. The more I saw your actions, the less I gave a damn. I do thank you for being a part of my life and teaching me how much I can pity someone. I do thank you for being a part of my life and teaching me the true meaning of manipulation and reminding me why my cynicism is actually a good thing. I do thank you for teaching me the power of confidence, security and love. And I thank you most for disliking me the way you do cos it means I am spared of being in your destructive path. Please go get counselling before it is too late and you lose the bit in you that actually means well!

Thank you- I love you, I forgive you and I am sorry.

Go in peace,

August 15, Weekly Achievements

1. A really good meeting with a person I hadn’t met in ages
2. Almost finished unpacking
3. Gotten back into the swing of walking


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Relations, Decisions, Ownership…

You know, life is a funny curve- no matter what, the other side seems greener! This is in no means an admission that you aren’t happy but maybe not always satisfied… I am in a really good place, life is fantastic and everything seems to be working out just the way I want it to AND I love it!

And then there are the tough decisions that no matter what the result, even if it what you want it to be, it doesn’t make for easy discussions or easy journeys to a decision. I somehow seem to be caught bang in the middle of three massive decisions, of which none is immediate so therefore tonnes of hypotheticals being built in one’s head and no real action as it is impossible to do so.

The decisions of owning certain assets together, the decisions of the right time to have kids, the decision to adopt kids, the decision of where to live, the decision of moving to different continents for one’s career, the decision to plan holidays around certain big events that mean a lot to one person, the decision to share the responsibility of a pet, the decisions that would potentially be easy when in the thick of things but tricky when you have time to think…

Oh for just a few moments I wish I was single and carefree but the support, the love, the laughter and mostly, the silliness, I will put up with this all this growing up jazz that gets thrown our way. 


Finding your kind of crazy

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Aug 12, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

A few nights ago, Red made me feel like a very lucky lady- he did nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary but his everyday self made me realise how lucky I am to have his support and his love.

I remember the first time I felt that way- years ago, when SL and I were together, he used to drive 4 hours just to give me a hug and be there for/ with me.

This post is to all those moments where I have been made to believe in the true power of unconditional love.

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Aug 11, Monday: Gratitude

1. Love
I am lucky- lucky to be loved the way I am, lucky to love the people I do, lucky to have the love in my life. Love is like oxygen and I am so very lucky to have it in my life. And yes, I still want a puppy for the unconditional love too!

2. Money
When things are slightly tough and tight, being able to spend money is a plus. In fact, I started a treat wallet for myself- I need to put in it the leftover from my budget every week and can only spend it on extravagance- nothing like just a weekend away or festivals or anything- a designer pair of shoes, bags or spa break kinda thing. I am looking forward to making the most of this for myself.

3. Visualise
Being able to imagine things in my brain about they would look and then seeing them work out is always good. A simple example is my new room and the way I visualised it is very different to the way anyone else would have used it! Being different is also something to be grateful for but seeing a visualised concept taking shape is way cooler :)

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Aug 8, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Bought new shoes
2. Had a wonderful evening meeting two wonderful ladies last night
3. Moved into the new home and slept like a baby 2 nights

Bonus: Learnt a new meditation technique that is truly helping me loads.

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Aug 7, Thursday: Letter

Dear New Housemates

We have been housemates since Friday technically but I think the tea in the living room, reading the paper and playing jenga, while planning bunting and tea lights calls for a special moment. I am glad to be living with people who enjoy the odd glass of wine, a good cuppa but most of all, the laughs and the fun.

Here’s to a wonderful time together ahead of us!


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Keeping Up!

B!tch alert! If you are trying to be positive, stop reading NOW! I am just sharing thoughts about some ideas in my head that may not be very nice when down on paper…

I have begun to realise amongst a LOT of my friends (unfortunately, friends and not acquaintances!) that there is a certain tendency to “keep up with the society and expectations”- sad but true.

Case 1: 2 people who had no interest in each other, had nothing in common, decided they wanted to be in relationships that society approved of- now married.

Case 2: 2 people who met online for a date and some years ago, married within a year. Unhappy but staying together cos they are afraid of being alone.

Case 3: 2 people so scared to admit that their friends were wrong are staying together to prove everyone wrong.

When did we forget to put our happiness as the primary reason to get married?!

cos you join my weirdness

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