Jul 28, Monday: Gratitude

1. Realisations 
– Realisation of my feelings about certain things and being honest about them, at leas tot myself and maybe one close friend
– Realisation that for some people t isn’t about you but it is not about them
– Realisation that meditation truly is a force to reckon with

2. Weddings
I am not a huge fan of weddings, especially having escaped some potential ones I could have been embroiled in! But that’s not to say I don’t enjoy the excitement around them, the joy of sharing someone’s special moment, the severity of the promise and all the craic around it. With a family wedding on the horizon, I am absolutely over the moon and can’t wait to get home for it!

3. Tears
They are not a way of pride but letting them out of the system is always a good idea and I am glad at my ability to let them flow- I just prefer to do it in own privacy!

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Today, I felt a feeling that I hadn’t felt in a while. To some extent, I wonder if the past has made me pick up on it sooner than not.

For the past 2/3 weeks, I have felt everyone around me seems to presume I will always be around and I am able to do everything in a jiffy, with no help and with no drop in standards. Earlier today, it got to me so much that I absolutely broke down and cried. The sort of cry I needed but not the sort of cry I could blame on alcohol or hormones.

I also realised I am very sensitive to fatigue and hunger… those two individually are dangerous when associated with me but together more so.

However, what I am proud of is nipping the feeling in the bud by ensuring I told the people I cared enough about exactly what I feel and asking them to cop on! Here’s hoping the words have been heard and the change is coming.

Additionally, after 6 years, I am amazed that I still feel a slight twinge about TL. A part of me goes to ‘what if’, another wonders if I will ever get married and I question my ability to ever commit, especially in the wake of the number of engagements happening around me… weird how our heads and emotions work…

cherish the little things

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Jul 25, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Made at least 4 desserts for the first time and cooked most meals at home
2. Fixed a strong work strategy I needed to
3. Got an epic wedding present for a wedding I am attending

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Jul 24, Thursday: Letter

Dear A

it’s off after so many years you feature in my thoughts but you do. We had friends in common when you came into my life even though that’s not how we met. We liked the same guys and shared stories on crushes, discussed all things teenage and became friends till you started accusing me of sabotaging your school career least realising I did nothing as I really couldn’t be arsed to and because I was too naive to be manipulative! I wish we hadn’t parted on such terrible terms.

We ended up in college together and people assumed we were besties. We tried hard but neither of us was willing to let the ego go- today, I wish we could sit and enjoy a coffee so next time you are looking down over earth, raise me a toast and I will respond!

The world is a sadder place without you. Glad our paths crossed.


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Jul 22, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Yesterday, friends and I were talking of pets and I was reminded of a moment with my first dog ever.

We were out playing one evening as we did almost every day- rain, sunshine, wind- nothing stopped us going out (much to the adults’ frustration!). It was during the  monsoons and there were frogs EVERYWHERE! The dog being curious, decided to eat a frog- in reality, she only swallowed it. The memory of her retching up a few minutes ago is not very pretty but the look of confusion on her face, the look of amazement of my friends and me is something I would never forget- ‘cos as she was throwing up, the frog came out and leaped away as if nothing had happened.

Some 20+ years on, I still wonder if that scarred the poor frog for life!

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Foodie Notes!

1. Plum Cake: http://www.eatlivegrowpaleo.com/2012/10/plum-cake.html

Make it tastier by stewing the plums in a wee bit of rum before putting it on the pastry mixture.
Use the rum and plum juice mix and only add more sugar if it doesn’t add up to the size requirement for the glaze topping.
Don’t use liquid butter when making the crumble mixture- much nicer to mix with wet as the consistency is more airy in the end due to the extra whipping.

2. Banana Bread: http://wholelifestylenutrition.com/recipes/organic-banana-nut-bread-recipe/

Add some cinnamon in the banana while blending it.
Mix the walnuts after the banana.
Make it muffin tins to be able to freeze it in small portions for longer lasting tastiness.

Nom nom nom- best of it all, fairly healthy!


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Jul 21, Monday: Gratitude

1. Creative Mind
Not mine necessarily but people with creative minds around me! It’s always good to have them about :)  They definitely see things differently!

2. Desserts
There are times when all you want are sweets, sweets and more sweets and when you get healthier versions of them, even better!

3. Sanity
Let’s never take it for granted, sigh. So glad when I find mind every time I lose it- which is regularly enough!

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Jul 18, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Cooked up a storm!
2. Got myself a good lead in work.
3. May have found a new spot to live too!

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Jul 17, Thursday: Letter

As I go around looking for places and new housemates, I have often found my mind wandering back towards N

Dear N,

When we met, little did we know, we would end up traveling to different continents, becoming good friends, seeing each other grow through life and just change as people. We had our moments, we had our disagreements, we had our issues but more often, we had our fun, we had our cinema dates, we had chats, we shared thoughts. Over the years, life has happened, we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like but that is not to say, our friendship is any lesser.

I am delighted you are with the woman you love and together you have a beautiful daughter. I look forward to our next catch up soon and I can only hope, I get housemates as caring, as easy going, as intelligent, as interesting as you.

Thank you for your friendship this past decade- it’s been some ride!


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Keep it SIMPLE!

Life, that is!

simple life copy

Don’t complicate it, just do it!

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Jul 15, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Today, I am minding a friend’s house while she is on holidays and at the same time, keeping an eye on her dog- playing, grooming, feeding, walking- you know the drill.

I was reminded the first time I did it 14 years ago- I was so naive, I didn’t know the rules and the non rules, I didn’t know what to take and not take etc etc etc- I thought over the years, I had matured but turns out…. I really haven’t- I am still not sure what the rules of the game are!

I do know all her spices and kitchen are mine, I brought my own bar with me and have locked the offices and their personal space up- fair enough, yeah? If I leave them with cookies when they arrive and a bottle of bubbles in the fridge, they can have a bitta treat coming home too… and flowers, obviously. That’s right, yeah?

Either way, I love the fact that these moments also remind me how much my friends trust me and care for me. I am totally overjoyed by it all!

That’s for my Tuesday moment. A decade on but still naive ;)

Love x

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Jul 14, Monday: Weekly Gratitude

I spent the weekend chilling, having coffees, being a girl about town and then, getting myself pampered with dry relaxation, facial, massage etc (I still miss Monart!!). Sometimes, being a work widow is an awesome thing!

In the last few months, read years, I think I have grown in numerous ways- most of all, in my expectations. I feel, I have become a better person for it and I am glad I am able to admit to it without feeling guilty. Thank you blog, friends, everyone I have interacted with, life.

Every time I wanna give up something, I hang in there and I push myself that little bit more and I am glad I do. I look forward to seeing the results in the things that really matter in the future!

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The good, the bad, the ugly

Today was an interesting start to the day!

The good: A friend I am very fond of got engaged.

The bad: Another friend I am very fond of passed away unexpectedly.

The ugly: When I heard the news re the engagement, I did wonder “why them- since they started after Red and I did”. This upset me, hurt me and is something I just don’t like :( I am not sure why I felt this way either- it is disturbing me. (Red, if you are reading this- it is not a veiled hint!)

Definition of tomorrow

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Jul 11, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Stood my ground about finding a nice spot than just choosing one for the sake of it!
2. Caught up with a few friends I genuinely wanted to after ages
3. Got another media slot in a country I wasn’t even focusing in!

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Jul 10, Thursday: Letter

Dear Mum

I am really missing you- despite your ability to drive me absolutely up the wall, despite your knack to ensure whatever you say is misunderstood by me, despite your love for everything we disagree on. I love you.

Thank you for everything, especially the points made above- they are what make you you.


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Life… today and tomorrow.

Today, I woke up feeling absolutely amazing!

I have had an interesting year- loads done but nothing really achieved.
I have learnt a lot of things- some new, some again, some already forgotten.
I have grown.

Any year I can say that, I feel good about myself. (This is an easy way to boost my own ego- cos every year one learns!)

However, for the first time in years, I feel I know what I want- really, truly know.

I have a clear idea of the sort of life I want.
I have a clear idea about the people I want in my life.
I have a clear idea with regards the sort of places I want to go to.
I have a clear idea.

It feels absolutely awesome too :)

yesterday, today, tomorrow... now


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July 8, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Yesterday, I called over to a friend’s to meet her dog, see her house and get a feel of their life to mind their place during their holidays. When I walked in, the dog came up to me and instantly we were the best of friends. She is a young pup, lean and tall and very cute- made me want a dog instantly!

However, it really made me miss my childhood dog- the only dog that I ever rode as a horse, the only dog that let me believe I was in charge when I clearly isn’t, the only dog that shared her bowl of water with me, the only dog who ever heard me cry (& then called my mother- I was a soft crier!), the only dog that was well and truly mine. I miss you, beautiful young mad thing- I love you still. Thanks for the beautiful memories.


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“It’s not you, it’s me”

Classic break up line all right but is that all it is? Or is there some truth in there?

Since 2010, I have lived with 2 separate friends and in each, I have initiated a change in our relationship- whether it was colleagues, housemates, business partners, etc. Both of them were my best friends when it started but somehow I felt like I had been through a break up each time!

(Somehow, romantic breakups are easier to take!)

I decided to take a moment to step back, reflect and see what the learning in this was- after all, losing friends is never fun. In both scenarios, I still consider them friends and will be there for them, should they reach out.

1. Court a friendship: If a friend is not interested in responding to your courting attempts, take the hint!
2. Know your boundaries: When we start dating, we know what we wouldn’t take for in our partners. Similarly, know the boundaries and when you are not feeling the love, distance yourself.
3. Stick to your morals: I believe in friendship forever, I do believe it transitions shape and form through the years. So if a person has been a friend and we haven’t had a falling out, I will always do my best to be there for them.
4. Quality time: The BIGGEST thing to me. In both those cases, we were spending a lot of time together but never truly quality time. Sometimes it is about the time together, doing something different, experiencing a new activity or whatever else!

After having spoken to friends who have known me a lot longer, a lot shorter, a lot better, only a little, I feel no one is ever at fault- I am sure I did something to upset them for them to stop considering me a friend or showing me the love at least but I hope that in the process, no one was really hurt!

Enemy vs friend

Reach out and let your friends know you care!



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Jul 7, Monday: Gratitude

1. Inclusion
Every relationship has some level of inclusion in the other person’s life. I have been included in many others deviously but the way Red has included me in his was very evident this weekend, where I spent the whole weekend living his life and not really mine. But to have never felt an interloper, to have never felt an intruder, to have never felt like I was walking on egg shells but to have felt like an equal whose wishes and considerations were being taken into account is a pretty awesome way to be! Thanks for the way you have made me a part of your life by making it our life.

2. Dogs
Ever since I moved out of my previous house, I have really missed Candy’s dog- despite her silliness, despite her laziness, despite everything else, she was pretty awesome and I miss hanging out with her. I spent the weekend with 2 crazy spaniels and am gonna mind a German Shephard for a friend for 2.5 weeks- very excited!

3. Dragons
Went to see ‘How to train a dragon 2′ last night and I am in love with dragons all over again! I love them dragons- cute, fire spitting, flying machines that they are.

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Jul 4, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Caught up with a few friends after ages
2. Made peace with certain people that had really being managing to get my goat for the past while
3. Got me some good deals!

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Jul 3, Thursday: Letter

Dear Candy

For the week that’s in it, I can’t help but reflect on us- our journey, from the moment we met the first time to our dinner to us becoming the BFFs that are and then eventually housemates. We have certainly seen each other through some and food and it has always made us stronger (in my opinion)- however, we didn’t necessarily make the time to spend the time our friendship always needed and I hope someday soon, just you and me can go for a walk, some wine and many a chat! Thank you for always being there, thank you for the fun times, thank you for the love.


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Jul 1, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Well, it is almost 4 years since I started the blog.

Over these years, it has taken quite a journey- started from a daily diary to almost a pure rant space per chance to a place for random thoughts to a place for my daily reflection to a place for hope and courage for others- it has been the place I come to be me.

It has been a strength for me, a sense of anonymity in some ways, a read for many people and it has reached out to many, if the emails and comments are anything to go by- from days where practically no one read my blog and that was the original hope to having almost 350 regular subscribers and about 100 other daily visitors, I am absolutely delighted that my words are getting some recognition- in many ways, it shows, if you do something, you stick with it, you get the traction!

Thank you all for being part of the journey and being a part of the moment of the week. Love to you all.

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Catching up with June!

So the last week just took me by surprise and it was tough in a lot of ways, so here goes the ones I have missed out on:

June 23: Gratitude:

Sunshine: A weekend in the sun, longest day of the year, loads of friends, great music, fantastic memories- all made extra special because of the beautiful weather.
– Ability to drive: After having to drive back from the music festival, I am glad I could- having to spend an extra night there would not have been fun!
– Shower: Nothing like a good clean shower after a weekend of camping and fun!

June 24: Moment:

The first time I went looking for an apartment, I was clueless as to what I should be looking for- eventually found something, nice size etc and realised that the girl I lived with was amazing and I had struck lucky till she had to  move out… as I look back, I have had some odd moments all right, some weird stories but all in all, I have been really lucky and I hope as I go looking to share for potentially the last time, I am really excited about the prospect of meeting someone new, making a new friendship and creating a new atmosphere and environment around me!

June 26: Letter:

Dear Mum’s Youngest Sister,

You have often been the one I have compared to most- thank you for our advice, thank you for your pragmatism, thank you for your love, thank you for the inspiration you have provided and thank you for the shoes!

I love you loads and I miss you loads- wish I could be there through these times.


June 27: Weekly Achievements:

- Packing up completed
– In the news in 2 different countries
– Taking some time to remind myself how lucky I am over a nice bath and a glass of bubbles!

June 30: Gratitude:

- Good Times: Water skiing, donuting, BBQs, drink with Red’s granny, all make for good times! Great weekend makes for a great start to the week
- Sense of Humour: SO much went wrong over the past while but a sense of humour has really been awesome
- R&R: Booked myself a spa day and also had lie-ins, sleep-ins, chilling in the sun and all the things that make for a nice R&R (even if the body aches now!)

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Jun 20, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. 2 random, drunken nights with The Shrew- 4 days of hanging out and loads of fun
2. Letting every care in the world go for the potential new house I live in
3. Getting an article in the news

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Jun 19, Thursday: Letter

Dear Youngest Bro,

You are, you have been and you will always be my younges- when you mess up, I am the one who tries to defend you, when you  cook it wrong, I still call it tasty, when you do something stupid, I make an excuse to cover up- no matter what, I do all I can to protect you- and this is just the stuff you know. All in all, you are my baby in every which way and I love you greatly.

I know you have had to deal with some consequences to your many un-defendable mistakes and I am proud of you for having faced up to them.

I know you have had to deal with some realities to your many naive mistakes and I am delighted you took them in our stride.

But most of all, I love you for you!

Love, Love, Love,
Joy didi.

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Yup, been there, called the fireman, never took up the date offer though!

business cat meme

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Jun 17, Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I spent Sunday in the sun, looking at a lot of different types of paintings- beautiful art and so on. I still remember the first time I appreciated my own work and decided to cover my whole house in different photographs, printed and framed for each room.

I went so overboard, I had tonnes of extra photographs and gave them as presents to people for ages!

Yeah, I know, I can be a little overboard but chest la vie!

As I received the piece I commissioned off Artnouv (amazing service, btw) today, I am absolutely delighted to have art as an influence in my life!

Anyway, stay arty all xxx

PS I still totally love seeing some of the work up on the walls every single time I go back home.

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Jun 16, Monday: Gratitude

1. My Sounding Boards
Be it my mother, her boyfriend, Red, Shrew, Lady or some of the other people in my life- I am so glad they are there. I have been very lucky that when some of the people I am used to having around get busier with aspects in their lives, someone else enters. So lucky to understand that people can’t always focus on me and so glad that when they can, they do! Thank you all- I always need your love and strength and hope in return I can be there for you and others who need it!

2. Music
Every so often, I am reminded I don’t do enough in music- in terms of listening, exploring, going to gigs and then all of a sudden, I immerse back into it- I am so glad to have the option to do so and to enjoy the melodies of sound!

3. Sleep
As I am so short on sleep, every nap, every snooze, every night of sleep I get is such a  bonus- I love sleep! Zzzz’s are awesome!!

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Jun 12 & Jun 13- all in one!

June 12, Thursday: Letter

Dear Art Patron,

Thank you. Thank you for your help. Thank you for your belief in us and now, thank you for your friendship. We may have just started getting to know one another but I suspect, we will be mates for a good long while!



June 13, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. An article I needed to get done, done!
2. A competition I needed to kick off, done!
3. Had a midweek party night after ages :)

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Bottle the feeling…

Right now, I feel on top of the world.

At the end of this month, I will have more change to deal with in one go than most people ever have to and instead of feeling terrified or scared, instead of wondering what next, instead of trying to guess, I am VERY EXCITED!

Future, here I come.

forget the odds

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Jun 10, Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I don’t know where to even identify this point to but I suppose it is from a lot earlier than when I realised it- my confidence- when I walk into a room, I can adapt my behaviour to the way I want.

The first time I realised I could do this was my first “networking” event in Ireland- when in a new country, with new surroundings and nowhere to fall, it is easier to make mistakes and step out of your own shadow. Looking back, I am glad I made the changes in my shy behaviour I needed to make- being able to do my own thing today is a god send :)

Not truly a moment but yet a brilliant moment!

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Jun 9, Monday: Gratitude

1. Love
Exactly 18 years was the first time I acknowledged I was in love for the first time ever- it was with FL, he meant loads to me as a friend, as a boyfriend (the way one can at that age!) and as the first person I ever truly wanted to be in a bubble with. Today, many years later, many boyfriends later, I am lucky to have that sort of love again. However, what is amazing is the love I also have in the form of friends and family. Lucky, lucky me. Thank you all.

2. Excitement and Opportunities
As I am coming up to the most exciting phase of my life so far, where I am making plans that could affect my whole life, I am full of the prospects ahead, the optimism of it all working it, the potential in life itself- certainly very exciting, did I mention VERY?

3. Values
Mid conversation regarding something this weekend, we were discussing the value system and the core beliefs each person has. I am delighted I have the ones I do- even if they tend to cause me pain cos I (irrationally) expect others to have the same. They have made me the person I am, they have stood by me through test of time and they have never deterred through my highs and my lows- it’s like that set of few friends I have- they have just been there, no matter what.


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Jun 6 Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Sent out a letter that I had been meaning to do, for work, for ages- boom!
2. Handed in my notice to where I live- weight off me shoulders
3. Did not lose my temper with Red when I really could have.

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Jun 5, Thursday: Letter

Dear Lioness,

You stunning beauty- we met one night, we got along great, I thought you wanted to hook up with Red but yet I really liked you. I am so glad we are friends- you are truly like a soul sister who enjoys the insanity of a midnight party to the deep conversations on life over cups of tea.

You have been amazingly good to me when I have needed support, had faith when I needed belief and just loved me for who I am.

Thank you, thank you, thank you- I am absolutely over the moon delighted that we are friends.


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June 4, Wednesday: Catch up on Gratitude and Memory

June 2: Gratitude:

1. Ireland
As I realise I have spent over a decade here, I have to thank Ireland for the love, the welcome, the journey, the good times, the tough times, the lessons and the life it has given me!

2. Good Times
One can quite easily forget how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the good times we do. I often do. Spending hours talking to old friends, laughing with new friends, converting strangers into friends and waking up with a pain from all the laughing are all signs we have had a bloody good time!!

3. Excitement
When was the last time you did something so exciting you felt them butterflies?! I am going through a VERY exciting period and I am loving it all!!!

June 3: Moment

As I am looking for a place for me to move into, I can’t help but remember the first few times I shared. Having never shared my room before, I was so excited about having a roomie though that died soon after- despite all the fun times.

Sharing a room taught me about the personality clashes, the differences amongst people, how different people prioritise different things and life in general. Thank you lady for being part of such a fun and learning experience!

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May 30, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Theatre, twice, one week.
2. Networking events- 3, for work, all different types.
3. Walks- loads- maintained by minimum 50,000 steps a week and managed stretches and/or other exercise regularly too.

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May 29, Thursday: Letter

Dear Nani,

Where do I start? In all my years, you have always been there- the one with the sense of fear, the one with the sense of insecurity, the one with the sense of pessimism, the one who would always try and stop us. However, despite all that, you were also always the one to shower us with love, feed us till we couldn’t even pop, teach us to be think twice before leaping.

Thank you for being you- I am glad to be born into your family.

Lots of love,

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Breathe, Breathe, Try Again

Yeah, picture captures it all!

Dreams don't expireSweet dreams xx



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May 27, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Do you know that feeling of achievement? That feeling of “YESSSSS”? That feeling of “This is it”?

I have been lucky to have had that feeling a good few times- I have had that when:
– I got selected for a certain sports team
– I got it when I got my first order
– I got it when I realised the power of being ethical
– I got it when I sold my first product
– I got it when I made someone happy
– I get it regularly as I recognise the small triumphs in every day life.. isn’t life wonderful? :)

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May 26, Monday: Gratitude

1. Sense of Responsibility
There were a few times last week I was proud of myself for doing the right ting and not the thing I wanted to do- it all lead to me being able to look at myself in the mirror with a clear conscience every night. I am glad of the sense of responsibility I have.

2. Keeping calm
There were many trying moments in the past week. I seem to have matured and learnt that sometimes it is best not to react irrationally and not to lose my temper even when I have wanted to.

3. The Shrew
Her friendship, her support, her love – I am indeed lucky to have a friend like her!

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Truly feels like one of these days!

Somebody forgot to gimme the memo…

back to bed

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May 23, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Managed to do a 5 day work week in 3
2. Survived a BIG decision mid week
3. Was an amazing friend (if I say so myself) to a few people who needed it during the week

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May 22, Thursday: Letter

Dear Elder ‘Sister’,

You were one of my first best friends, you were one of those I grew up believing I loved you because I had to. You have always been caring and protective of me and you always mean well. Our paths have diverged, they were always going to- our upbringing, our thoughts, our ideas never met… I do appreciate the concern you always have for me, the way you still try to look out for me and the way you try to tell me what to do. You have a heart of gold and even though we misunderstand each other more than not, I want you to know I love you.

I love you cos you are my blood and at the end of the day, blood is thicker than water.

All the best with your new move.


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So, last week, I went back to Barcelona after a good few years… I am not gonna talk of the touristy things really but just a few observations:

1. They really don’t give a damn that you are a customer
I have been to the Sagrada Familia Basilica but never up the tower- we queued, we got a ticket, we went in- their lift broke- we were refunded for not being able to go up the tower (€5) but not for the basilica (€15) that we anyway didn’t want to do. We were willing to come back the next day but would have had to pay the €15 again. The price is high enough but the principle and their lack of wanting to help the customers out is not. This “we don’t care” attitude is EVERYWHERE in Spain- they genuinely don’t care, don’t take it personally.

2. Queues are long
We went not in the peak of it all but even then, extremely long queues!
And after the ticket queue, you may have another long queue or at least a long wait- no fun. Get your ticket online- does put a damper on a holiday when you have to be at a certain place at a certain time but worth the hassle you save yourself.

3. Don’t eat in the Ramblas
Pretty easy to spot why- all the restaurants have images of the food, everything is sub-par (in fairness, we didn’t really eat it but it looked rank!) and the prices are insanely high- a bottle of water was €4 when we had been getting bottles of cava for €12 in other places!

Anyway, Barcelona remains one of my favourite cities and I had an absolute blast. If you can not let these things bother you, you are in for a treat!

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May 20, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Having just come back from a weekend in Barcelona, I think my favourite memory was when I realised how easy it is to get away over the weekends.

One year, SL and I made a resolution to get out of the city at least once a month- and we did- 12 new places or 12 different places as some were places either or both had been to before. It just meant there was always something different to look forward to, something new to explore and something exciting to talk about!

This year, Red and I have made a similar resolution- however, this one involves a different experience outside the areas we live in every 8 weeks- so far, we have managed it every month and in fact, managed some new experiences within our cities too. Boo yeah.

I love life when there is always something fun happening! And I think there should be something fun happening ALL the time!

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I have a sense of dread, a sense that I haven’t had in a while- a sense that just as everything was coming together, it may be falling apart. I hope I am wrong. I hope this is not the case. I am scared.

Fingers crossed!


Life is good. Life is abundant. Life works everything out. It shall all be ok. Everything rocks. Everything is great. Life is good. Life is abundant.

Breathe and have faith.

Tomorrow, I am gonna jump backwards and hopefully, fly!

believe in yourself

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May 19, Monday: Gratitude

1. Sun
Glorious sun- a weekend of heat and sun always puts me in a happier mood and I am so glad I got some!

2. Passport
A passport to travel, a passport to see the world, a passport to re-discover old places, a passport to live life :)

3. Work
So good to have work and a job to do all I need to do to make it big in life :)

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May 16, Friday: Weekly Achievements

1. Had an absolutely lovely lunch and catch with a friend of mine who was visiting for a few days
2. Made a really good breakthrough with work that I am very excited about personally
3. Managed not to lose my temper about certain things that were really peeving me this week!

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An interesting quote I came across today:

There’s hell in hello,
good in goodbye,
lie in believe,
over in lover,
end in friend,
ex in next,
if in life.

How depressing a thought!

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May 15, Thursday: Letter

Dear Father’s Younger Brother,

Where do I start?! When I was a kid, you were always the frowny one. When we became neighbours, you still had our own fixed ways and didn’t budge. However, somewhere along the way we had fun. But then, from an Indian family perspective, you as the then head of the family, did the unthinkable- you shirked your responsibility towards my mother and me when your brother left us in a soup. Not only that, when your daughter was getting married, instead of showing the grace my mother did, you took pleasure in putting me down at every opportunity. Now, you and the rest of the family feel you have a right to disperse any claim or opinion on anything I do… not sure why?!

However, we are bound by blood but I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing childhood memories, thank you for teaching me what sort of an aunt not to be, thank you for teaching me humility and grace when I least wanted to exercise it, thank you for giving me the motivation to succeed to prove you wrong time and again, thank you for making me realise how lucky I am to be in the position I am in and thank you for showing me the power of forgiveness because today I release you, I forgive you. I want you to know that I bear no grudge any more, hold no sorrow in my heart any more and certainly don’t want to have any negativity towards you or any of the family. Also, I apologise- I apologise for being the confident lady that I am, I apologise for not following the traditions, I apologise for not conforming to the society norms, I apologise for doing my own thing, I apologise for following my dreams but most of all, I apologise for all the pain and hurt I may have caused along the way.

I love you, I forgive you, I thank you and I am sorry. Go in peace.


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